Dr Amrita Dass led ICS helping future professionals make the right choice with counselling coupled with GPS technology

Arijit Bose

In an age when Coronavirus has fast plagued the world academics at large has been a big casualty, career counselling has turned towards tech advancements. This is fast helping ensure students do not feel neglected and the counsellor is not left without a work of his or her own.

At times when students are fast feeling lost and careers have gone for a toss, Institute for Career Studies has comeup with a newage GPS app that will help students connect with their counsellor and gain a broader worldview about their choices in career.

The GPS app has been the working of about 35 years experience coupled with tech that has given shape to a new age setup so that better professionals can be created. The GPS app promises to change the course of counselling and will also help students gain from expert counsellors during the course of the journey.

ICS has touched 3 lakh lives and around 500 institutes with a strong process helping in fine tuning each person’s frequency which connects with the purpose of a person’s life. The app will help in connecting the right person with the right info at the right time. Dr Amrita Dass, Director, ICS says there are no ideal careers but ideal choices and it is about career by choice and not career by chance.

Each one approaching the counsellor has to go through a 10 minute test. Multiple sections have multiple choices and it also studies one’s personality and then compare and contrast and accordingly position the child in a given slot. Counselling is happening in all areas like the High school, Intermediate, Grad and Post graduate level.

Dr Dass says in the modern day scenario it is more important that one makes a student employable for which career planning is done. Something that is a lifelong process. The Centre seeing the need for high end counselling needs is working round the clock where they start early morning and wind up late in the night. Thousands of students approach the Institute. The Director adds – GPS app bridges the gap it is multilingual and aim is to reach from J&K to Kanyakumari.

With an universal mission of providing fulfillment the app was launched on 15th August because it is about freedom of choice, of being fulfilled and happy. Heading the institution, Dr Dass avers that parents play a role in nurturing their child. They must believe in the child and lead as an educator and ending confusion is primarily the job of the counsellor creating proud citizens. She adds every person is an asset and the counselling part helps cater to that asset within. In a nutshell she says it is not about retiring but to retread.

With local Counsellors who know the regional and global world help students which is an opportunity in diversity and adversity for any and every student to approach and learn from.

ICS has taken online root from India to the Middle East there are online counselling sessions. The telephone or one to one conversations with parents and students helps address mental wellness which stems helplessness and a consequent suicide rate. A monthly helpline also helps with a psychology counsellor keeping in constant touch with the young operating from early morning to late in the night.

Not only does ICS help people understand the next course of action but also provide online resources, short courses and tell youngsters the need to learn skiils – be it analytical, learn aspects of digital marketing, designing etcetera.

Summing up Dr Dass concludes that it is essential that one be self conscious and be positive so that the best is made out of a certain child’s life.

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