Education not just about acquiring knowledge, it is about better mental application – Suresh Khanna

Lucknow: The young have the passion to  change the direction of the wind. There is a passion to achieve and do anything. At any moment in life any bad thought comes to mind, it should be crushed immediately. There are many such examples that if bad thoughts grow in the mind, then in some way or the other, our path is wrong and its result is also wrong. This was stated by the Minister of Finance and Parliamentary Affairs of Uttar Pradesh,  Suresh Kumar Khanna while addressing the Student Parliament at MIT World Peace University, Pune  at a program organized by the Indian Parliament Foundation and MIT School of Government, Pune.

Addressing the students, he said that the planets, constellations and atmosphere affect the person. A person cannot change his planetary constellation but can make the atmosphere according to himself. He said that there should always be a desire to learn something in life and we should make our society and environment the same. One should be punctual and disciplined towards his duty. He said that India has a splendid tradition, heritage and history. The responsibility of preserving and maintaining this heritage rests with our younger generation. He said that success is definitely achieved in the work done with dedication. One should rely on effort rather than being fatalistic.

Khanna said that education does not really mean only acquiring knowledge. The true meaning of education is to increase the mental approach. Education means that our attitude should be made in such a way that we can be prepared to deal with any situation. He said that youth should come into politics in building the country, so that the country can get the benefit of their energy, talent and ability. Calling upon the students, he said that if the youth does not enter politics, then from where will the country builders and leaders like Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay, Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Bajpayee, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath come from.

Speaking on the topic of relation between democracy and corporate, the Finance Minister said that India is moving fast towards a developed nation, so economic strength is necessary. For economic strength, the existence of the corporate sector is also necessary and its development is also necessary for its betterment. Corporate sector plays a major role in our economy. Its biggest contribution is to create employment opportunities. Our policy is to promote industries. The Government of Uttar Pradesh has given special importance to MSMEs and ODOPs along with big industrial houses. Due to the strength of the corporate sector, along with increasing employment opportunities, per capita income also increases and contributes a lot in strengthening the economy.

Suresh Kumar Khanna in his address said that in the vision of welfare government, it is expected that equal opportunities are available to all and this is also our goal. He said that the corporate sector should also realize its responsibility. The government will provide all possible means and opportunities to help them. Where necessary, his suggestion will also be respected by the government, but there should not be a misunderstanding that the corporate sector will be helpful in deciding the policy of the government. In Indian democracy, the people of India are the best and their superiority should always remain the same. Even in the Indian Constitution, people have been kept above the system.

Congratulating the people of CSR,  Suresh Kumar Khanna appreciated the work done by them in the unserved states for medical health and education and expected them to work with more public service. Equal opportunities should be given to all in equal circumstances. We give utmost importance to purity and purity in the work and behavior of life. Uttar Pradesh government is following zero tolerance policy regarding law and order and corruption. As a result of this, the law and order situation of Uttar Pradesh has become an example for other states.

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