Even our favourite TV stars have a connection with how best to say a little prayer

Lucknow: A prayer is considered a medium of expression, which is associated with infinite devotion, proper knowledge, consciousness, practice and a desire for enlightenment.

The result of this can be desirable and miraculous at the same time. On the occasion of ‘World Day of Prayer’ some artists of TV recently spoke about the power of prayer in their everyday life.

Among those actors were Gracie Singh (Santoshi Ma), Tanvi Dogra (Swati), Ashish Kadian (Indresh), Sonali Nikam (Mary) and Arya Dharamchand Kumar (Joseph) from ‘Yeshu’, ‘Bhabiji Rohitash Gaur (Manmohan Tiwari) of ‘Ghar Par Hai’, Kamna Singh (Rajesh Singh) from ‘Happu Ki Ooltan Paltan’ and Sarika (Gudiya).

Gracie Singh aka Santoshi Maa says, “I am a spiritual person. I trust Meditation and this gives me a hope for the world. Being a part of the Brahmakumari community, my lifestyle is such that I have control over my physical senses. It helps a lot. The basis of my belief is very simple, I believe that your intention should be clear behind the success of prayer. ”

Tanvi Dogra i.e. Swati says, “The power of prayer gives you energy and it is miraculous. Those who practice it feel peace and relaxed. It creates concentration, brings clarity in life and removes negative thoughts. Works. I like to pray every day before I get out of the house. It’s part of my everyday life. ”

Ashish Qadian alias Indresh says, “My faith has always been vague. I had a terrible accident some time ago, but I didn’t get hurt at all. I was very surprised and I could not digest it. I was alive. That was a miracle of sorts and I think it is the effect of my mother’s prayer. They have given me life. It has changed my mind a lot. ”

Sonali Nikam aka Mary says, “True prayer is neither a mental practice nor chanting of mantras. It is much more intense than this, followed by spiritual change. Prayer is a powerful medium of expression, when one is given that power There is hope and hope for a great miracle from the source that he is listening. Prayer is a powerful weapon of energy that should be used with clear thinking, intention and faith. Prayer for me is a peace and a soul satisfying Is something that brings positive energy. ”

Arya Dharamchand Kumar alias Joseph says, “A thoughtful prayer is fruitful. On the occasion of ‘World Day of Prayer’ I pray for the peace and prosperity of the world. Praying for others is like praying for myself. Everyone Have compassion and compassion and think of them well. ”

Rohitashwa Gaur alias Manmohan Tiwari says, “My parents have laid a strong foundation of faith and faith in me. I regularly go to the temple with my parents and family. My day is incomplete without prayer. Prayer to express your wish And there is a way of expressing gratitude. It helps me stay connected to the ground, I feel safe. It gives me a feeling of peace, hope and positivity. ”

Kamna Pathak alias Rajesh Singh says, “I think intention plays an important role in prayer. Our intention is a symbol of our desires. I think it is very important for you to be clear about all things to be good.” We get what we give. So let’s spread even more happiness, peace, compassion and goodness among all. ”

Manmohan Tiwari aka Pappu says, “Faith is all. Our faith gives us the way and gives us the direction to live life. Prayer is an essential means of fulfilling our wishes and desires. Prayer is thankful and good luck It is also about thinking about. If we believe, our intention is right, then in practice we find a way to fight the toughest challenges. On the occasion of ‘World Day of Prayer’ I wish all people happiness , Wishing for good health and peace. ”


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