Every 15th of the month to be observed as Nikshay Diwas to counter TB in Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow: New programs are being conducted daily with the aim of realizing the resolution of the Prime Minister to make the country TB-free by the year 2025.

Continuing this mission, it has now been decided that on the 15th of every month, Nikshay Diwas will be celebrated at health units of the state for early identification of TB patients, quality treatment and benefits of the schemes.

In the event of a holiday on the 15th of any month, the Nikshay Divas will be celebrated on the next working day. Mission Director of National Health Mission-Uttar Pradesh, Aparna Upadhyay has issued a letter in this regard to all the District Magistrates and Chief Medical Officers of the state.

Through this she has conveyed that TB is a major social problem. India is the country with the highest number of people with TB with 20 percent of the world’s patients. Under the Tuberculosis eradication program in the state, the target of 5.5 lakh notifications has been fixed by the Central Government.

To achieve this goal, there is a need for collective effort on the health units of the state. In order to provide quality facilities for the complete recovery of TB patients in sequence of the instructions of the Central TB Division, Nikshay Diwas was celebrated at all district and block level PHCs and Ayushman Bharat Health and Wellness Center on the 15th of every month in all the districts of the state.

Before Nikshay Diwas, ASHA workers will make home visits and make the community aware about TB and the organization of the day. A film related to TB awareness will also be broadcast through LEDs on health units. The achievements of Nikshay Diwas will also be displayed on social media.

ASHA workers will prepare a list of potential TB patients and bring them to the Health and Wellness Center. Initial screening of patients (based on availability) for HIV, diabetes and other tests will be ensured by the Community Health Officer (CHO). Apart from this, sputum sample will be taken and it will be sent to the nearest TB testing center by creating a positive ID on the Nikshay portal. Relative to the number of patients coming to OPD on Nikshay Day, sputum test will be ensured for 10 percent patients.

CHO and Asha will also publicize the facilities available on Nikshay Divas. The CHO will also ensure TB screening of other family members of patients with TB confirmed in the test. ASHA workers will provide the bank account details of TB patients to ASHA Sangini on Nikshay Diwas and ASHA Sangini will give it to the Senior Treatment Supervisor (STS) to be registered on the Nikshay portal. On this day private practitioners will be motivated for TB notification, contact tracing and follow up.

Special attention will be given to these points

According to the list of potential TB patients coming to the health unit on the Nikshay Diwas, they will be tested, HIV-diabetes will also be tested

Health units should have open seating areas for potential patients and cuff corners should be made for taking sputum samples in an open area outside the unit

All essential medicines should be available free of cost for tuberculosis patients.

Arrangements should be made for consultation about TB test, treatment at the health unit

At the district level, under the chairmanship of the CMO, a monthly meeting should be held on the 16th of every month to review all the works of Nikshay Diwas and all the cases should be resolved and the District Magistrate should be informed about it the next day.

Major symptoms for identification of possible tuberculosis patients:

cough for two weeks or longer

fever for two weeks or more

weight loss/ loss of appetite

bleeding sputum

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