Ex British PM makes sensation claims about Vladimir Putin

London: Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has made sensational allegations against Russian President Vladimir Putin. Gordon Brown has revealed that Vladimir Putin threatened him during an official visit to Moscow in 2006. Brown also said that Western countries “failed” to stand with the Russian president for years before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Brown also criticized “global unity” after 150 countries failed to impose sanctions on Russia’s aggression. In an interview given to ‘The Telegraph Magazine’, Gordon Brown said that I had no illusions about how Putin was.

‘Recalling a 2006 visit to the Kremlin, Brown said I was made to sit on a very small chair so that I could look at Putin. He is definitely short in length and wears heels.  Gordon Brown was the Prime Minister of Britain from 2007 to 2010. Prior to this he was chancellor in Tony Blair’s government from 1997 to 2007.

“Putin took out the index card that day and began to read all the information he had about me, as if he wanted to prove that he knew more than I didn’t know about myself,” Brown said. . So when people say that Putin has changed and is only threatening, I can tell you that he was still threatening me.

Gordon says that Putin only knows about power. He takes advantage of anyone’s weakness. He is an opportunist. In the interview, Brown also targeted 150 countries in the West that did not impose sanctions on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine. He said that I appreciate the unity of NATO, but there is a problem in coordinating sanctions where some countries are not ready to do so.

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