Fast Forward Education, ALfA: A Bold New Education Event Lights Up Lucknow

Lucknow: On Monday, 18th September 2023, the educational landscape of Lucknow witnessed a groundbreaking event as the Fast Forward Education, ALfA (Accelerating Learning for All) was unveiled at the WUCC Auditorium, CMS (City Montessori School), LDA, Lucknow. The event, organized by DEVI Sansthan and hosted by CMS, marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of quality education and the realization of Sustainable Development Goal 4.

The ceremony began at 11:00 AM when Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, Founder Manager of CMS, unfurled the banner, setting the stage for an event that promises to revolutionize education as we know it. ALfA, which stands for ‘Accelerating Learning for All,’ is a pioneering methodology that has been in development for several years, with roots in research conducted with underprivileged children and in the laboratory school of City International School, Manas City, Indira Nagar.

The event was graced by exemplary educationists from across Lucknow who gathered to witness the transformation that ALfA brings to the classroom. The highlight of the event was the showcasing of the exemplary work of teachers from CMS, CIS (City International School), and Hoerner College in ALfA classrooms. These dedicated educators shared their experiences of using the ALfA methodology in their classrooms, emphasizing how it has significantly improved student engagement and created happier learning environments.

Attendees were not merely spectators; they actively participated in various activities that demonstrated the power of ALfA. The event included a quiz, hands-on activities, and peer assessments, allowing everyone present to experience the methodology firsthand. Audience members were randomly paired, mirroring the ALfA approach to quick learning, and the results were heartening as people from diverse backgrounds came together and engaged in the joy of learning.

ALfA, which has already been implemented by the Global Education and Training Institute (GETI) and DEVI Sansthan in some 800 government schools in Uttar Pradesh and Odisha, has rapidly expanded its reach, touching lives in 12 other countries across five continents. This methodology represents a paradigm shift in education, enabling children to acquire foundational skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic at an accelerated pace. Teachers play a pivotal role as galvanizers, and students work collaboratively in pairs, fostering an environment that cultivates independent learning.

As Fast Forward Education, ALfA continues to gain momentum and recognition, it is poised to reshape the future of education, making learning quicker, more engaging, and inclusive for students across the globe. For more information about ALfA and its impact, please visit

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