First Vantangiya Village Training Center establishes in Ramgarh and Maheshpur village under CM Yogi’s leadership

Gonda :  In its ongoing efforts to bring Vantangiyas community into the mainstream, the Yogi government is going to set up ‘Vantangiya Village Training Centers’ in Gonda district. The centres will be established on the initiative of the Gonda district administration and will seek to hone skills of the members of the community, especially the youth and women, in order to enable them to find employment according to their skills.

At present, Vantangiya village training centres are being set up in four Vantangiya villages of Nawabganj and Mankapur block of the district for skill development. Magistrate Neha Sharma, training centres have been established in the first two Vantangiya villages of the district on Monday. These Vantangiya Village Training Centers have been established in Ramgarh Vantangiya village and Maheshpur Vantangiya village of Nawabganj block. Along with this, training centres will also be started in the Ashrafabad and Buthani Vantangiya villages of Mankapur next week.

It is the priority of the state government to connect the backward and extremely backward sections of the state with the mainstream of development. The efforts of the Chief Minister have transformed the life of Vantangiya community in Gonda, which had long been detached from the mainstream of development, despite several decades of independence.

Under the leadership of CM Yogi, a road was not only constructed to link Ramgarh Vantangiya village with the main road but also, for the first time in 76 years of independence, efforts were made to bring electricity to this village.

Furthermore, in order to facilitate employment opportunities for the residents of this community, training centres are currently being established in Vantangiya villages as part of the Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Scheme.

On the instructions of the District Magistrate Neha Sharma, a recent survey was conducted in Vantangiya village. During this survey, a comprehensive assessment was carried out among boys and girls aged between 18 to 35 from the Vantangiya villages. This analysis highlighted a notable inclination among girls towards courses in the field of beautician and nursing. Consequently, training programs have been tailored as per their preferences.

The training courses encompassing tailoring, knitting, beautician skills, and nursing will be administered in the villages of Ramgarh and Maheshpur Vantangiya, located in the Nawabganj development block. Likewise, Buthani Vantangiya village will also be part of this initiative. In both development blocks, two separate batches will be conducted, each accommodating 27 trainees.

The history of the Vantangiya community from Purvanchal is old. Even after 70 decades of independence, due to their non-existence in the revenue records, they were cut off from the mainstream of society and development.

In May 2018, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath declared the Vantangiya villages of Gonda as revenue villages and connected them to the mainstream. With this, the process of benefiting the residents of these villages situated in forest areas with roads, ration, electricity, water, education, health and other basic facilities could be started. Vantangiya’s family, who earned their livelihood by cutting and selling firewood, got the right to vote for the first time after independence.

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