Five-day Urmil Rang Utsav started at Sant Gadge Auditorium

Shankar Shesh’s play ‘Komal Gandhara’ staged by Darpan Rangsanstha on the first day

Lucknow. The five-day Urmil Rang Utsav, explaining the work of director satirist Dr. Urmil Kumar Thapliyal on his 80th birthday, began  at Sant Gadgeji Maharaj Auditorium, Gomtinagar. The festival was inaugurated by Senior  Director Surya Mohan Kulshrestha. On the first evening here, the artists of Rangsanstha Darpan, under the direction of Piyush Pandey, staged  ‘Komal Gandhar’ written by Shankar Shesh and penned by Dr. Thapliyal.

The festivities will conclude with spectacular performances on the first death anniversary of Dr. Urmil on 20th July. The play ‘Hey Brecht’ was staged on 17th July on the second day of this function organized by Dr. Urmilkumar Thapliyal Foundation.

Gandhari is at the core of Komal Gandhara Ki where Dr. Thapliyal, while reciting ‘Komal Gandhara’, tried to present a somewhat different interpretation of the character of Gandhari, the central character of the play, and Gandhari with his own eyes in the context of female identity and modern feminine discourse. Was the resolve to bandage me only against the deceit and deceit committed towards myself? Could this protest not have happened with open eyes? Was Gandhari able to give her love by tying a bandage, to her sons? Could Gandhari silently watch Draupadi’s rip-off in front of her open eyes? Has the resistance of Kauravi deceit towards herself not made her inferior to her rooted and feminine affection?

There are many such questions which arise in our mind. Today the audience got a new perspective to answer these questions from the staging that if Gandhari had opposed the injustice done to herself with open eyes, perhaps Mahabharata would not have happened, history would not have been a disaster. If the other sons of Duryodhana and Gandhari had received mother’s love, they would not have been unjust, arrogant and ruthless.

Kunti herself was an example in front of him, towards whom the same deceit happened as had happened to Gandhari, but she gave affection to her children, gave rites, only then Krishna was in her favor. History has turned in her favor, for her liberation and freedom, the woman should fight continuously with open eyes.

The presentation stars Sanjay as Satyendra Kumar Mishra, Atma as Nasreen Farooqui, Gandhari as Shalini Vijay, Shakuni as Sagar Singh, Dhritarashtra as Deepak Dayal, Duryodhana as Sumit Srivastava along with Pratyanshi Jaiswal, Mukesh Pandey, Prakhar Pandey, Ranjit in other roles. Singh, Omkar, Sushil and Ayush played the character wise.

The work of making the set behind the stage was handed over to Madhusudan, lighting design and operation by Gopal Sinha, sound operation Vivek Srivastava, costume design Rosy Dubey, face design Manoj Verma and stage material Syed Lareb. In the playback singing, the main vocals were by Meeta Pant, Amit Dixit, Piyush Pandey, Pushpendra Saxena and GS Rawat. Virendra Rastogi, Alka Vivek, Karuna Sagar, Anil Mehrotra, Satyendra Mishra and RS Soni were supported in other aspects. The recitation, lyrics and music were by Dr. Urmilkumar Thapliyal.

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