Freshness of Flowers at your Doorstep

Photo – Anil Jaiswal

Arijit Bose

Lucknow: Imagine life without flowers. The colour, the aroma and the very feel of a freshly bloomed flower is extremely therapeutic. It makes people happy. And in COVID days it adds even more life to ones rather gloomy days. Started in 2004, Esha Nabi, a Masters in Social Work by education and her sister spearheaded Fresh flowers which has delivered flowers to the confines of some of the biggest corporate houses in the city.

The organization apart from dealing with some really beautiful varieties has also tried decking up corporate spaces, board rooms, marriages and parties. Seeing the changing times that COVID brought with it, the younger lot in the family, Shirin Mirza and Manaal Mirza both college goers reinvented the venture by making it subscription based reaching homes.

Esha says – we have had to reinvent to bring in a more saleable retail model that sees good response in the market.She says Fresh flowers Direct tries to bridge the gap between the buyer and the seller by ensuring the flowers reach the very doorstep of the customer. She adds, since a week of the home delivery initiative there have been people eager to know about our home delivery venture.

She says – we already are having 35 to 40 subscriptions and the interaction with a sizeable clientele continues even as we speak. Does COVID cause a tinge of concern? She says – Yes, there is always that fear that there would be a group of sceptics who would like to raise the alarm on matters like sanitization and social distancing but we are hopeful that with a foolproof process there will not be an issue in the long haul.   

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