From Reel to Real, India’s Chak De Girls score

Tokyo: On Monday, 2 August 2021, every Indian’s chest puffed up with pride when the Indian Women’s Hockey team performed brilliantly to beat a strong team like Australia in the Tokyo Olympic Games to secure their place in the semi-finals. Seeing this victory of the team, everyone was taken back to Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Chak De! Very few people know that this journey of the Indian team’s victory in the Olympics is quite a film and this success is a lot like ‘Chak De! Similar to the story of ‘India’.

Start off badly

In the film, the Indian team loses badly to the Australian team 7-0 in the very first match of the Hockey World Cup. In the Tokyo Olympics, the Indian team lost badly to the Netherlands 5-1.

Strong comeback

In the  film it was shown that after a humiliating defeat in the first match, the team makes a strong comeback and continuously defeats teams like England, Spain, South Korea. In the Olympic Games also, the team finished last in the knockout rounds and their matches against South Africa and Ireland were very tough and exciting.

Vandana Kataria is a striker like Komal Chautala

The film featured a strong striker in the Indian team as Komal Chautala, played by Chitranshi Rawat. In the Olympics, the same character was played by 5 feet 2 inches Vandana Katariya who also hit a hat trick in the match against South Africa. Few people know that both Vandana and Chitranshi are from Uttarakhand and have also played hockey together in their childhood.

Sjoerd Marijne is a coach like Kabir Khan

In the film, Shah Rukh Khan played the character of coach Kabir Khan, who was a successful hockey player of his time. Sjoerd Marijne is the hockey coach of the Indian team in the Olympics. He was also a well-known successful hockey player in the Dutch league before becoming a coach.

Australian players cry after defeat

In Chak De! ‘India’, the Indian team defeats the Australian team in the final. After this, Australian players are seen crying in the film. The same thing happened in the Olympics. After the loss to the Indian team here, the players of Australia’s women’s hockey team came in shock and got down on their knees.

Wall-mounted goalkeeper

Goalkeeper Vidya Sharma played an important role in the victory of the Indian team in the film. This character was played by Vidya Malvade. Goalkeeper Savita Poonia is the main reason for the Indian team’s victory in the Olympics. In the match against Australia, Savita  stopped a total of 9 goals. After this #SavitaTheWall started trending on social media.

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