Future to be driven by Indian apps

New Delhi: India is a big market for mobiles and consequently apps. After China, India is the largest mobile market in the world. While China is a sinking mobile market, India is a rising market. But despite this, why is India lagging behind in the world of mobile apps, while China and American countries are at the forefront in the matter of mobile apps? This causes massive loss to India. Let us know which are those apps which are in highest demand in India…

India is out of top 5

According to the report of World of Statistics, China and America occupy the top-5 apps. Out of this, Tik-Tok occupies the first position with 672 million. After this, Instagram is at second place with 547 million. Also, Facebook is at third position with 449 million and WhatsApp is at fourth position with 424 million. Apart from this, Telegram is present with 310 million. There is no Indian app present in the top 10 list either. The app list of top 30 countries is mostly occupied by American, European and Chinese apps. India is largely out of this list.

Why is the app necessary?

At present, apps have emerged as a major source of revenue. Most apps earn money through advertising, while some apps work on a subscription model. In this way, apps have become a major source of marketing and earning. Therefore India needs to work in this direction. There is a big market in India. In such a situation, India needs to work in the matter of apps also.

top 10 apps

TikTok: 672 million
Instagram: 547m
Facebook: 449m
WhatsApp: 424m
Telegram: 310m
Subway Surfers: 304m
Stumble Guys: 254m
Spotify: 238m
Shein: 229m
Messenger: 210m

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