Gaurishankar Dham & the story of how Lord Shiva doused Arjuna’s arrogance

Pratapgarh: There is an interesting  mythological story associated with Gaurishankar Dham in Pratapgarh of Uttar Pradesh. When the Pandavas were spending their exile, they had also come to Pratapgarh district. To break the pride of Arjuna near Bhupiamau, he took the form of Pratapgarh. Lord Shankar appeared. The winds of Shiva devotion are blowing in the month of Sawan.

Gaurishankar Dham located in Bhupiamau also holds a prominent place in the Shivalayas of Pratapgarh, UP. It also has a mythological belief. Here there is a confluence of service and faith with faith and devotion. During the month of Sawan, this Dham resonates with the cheers of the devotees. Crowds of Kanwariyas also gather for worship.

Temple Delight Amidst Greenery

Gaurishankar Dham is situated at 200 meters next to Bhupiamau intersection. This place looks very beautiful amidst the greenery. Devotees going from Ayodhya to Prayagraj, the city of Shri Ram, come to visit the Gaurishankar temple in Pratapgarh. Belpatra and different types of flowers and Shami plant are also available in the premises. Along with the main Shivling, there are temples and dharamsala of all the deities including Upling. A fair is also held on Mahashivratri.

The importance of the temple is related to the era of Mahabharata

Dr. PK Sharma, Professor of the Department of Ancient History of MDPG College, tells that when the Pandavas were spending their exile, they had also come to Pratapgarh. To break the pride of Arjuna near Bhupiamau, Lord Shankar took the form of a fowler. He challenged Arjuna and there was a war between the two. When Arjuna was defeated, he felt very guilty and realized that this was some superpower. On this he fell at his feet and Lord Shankar appeared.

After this Arjun worshiped by making a Shivling with red morang. God had given him the Pashupati weapon. Since then this temple has remained the center of faith of the people.

Changing a person’s life by performing Jalabhishek

Tony Maharaj, the priest of Gaurishankar Dham, says that the Shivling of the Dham is growing continuously. Here there is a change in the life of the person who performs Jalabhishek with a sincere heart. There are many examples of this. However, it is sad that the development of Gaurishankar Dham could not be done so far from the point of view of tourism.

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