Governor of Uttar Pradesh inaugurated and presided over the several programmes in Rohilkhand University

Bateilly 16 May. Governor of Uttar Pradesh and the Chancellor of Rohilkhand University, Mrs. Anandiben Patel, inaugurated the National Entrepreneurial Women’s Conference at Rohilkhand University , here yesterday . Eight inaugurations took place, including the Rohilkhand Incubation Foundation, Digital Panchal Museum, Student Corner University Student Support Center, Directorate of International Relations Building, Micro Irrigation System-based Park, Statue of Sardar Patel, and Legal Aid Center.

As special guests , Registrar , Yagyaraj Pathak from Far-Western University, Mahendragarh, Nepal, and Vice-Chancellor Professor Raghuvir Singh from Tirthankar Mahaveer University, Moradabad, were present at the ceremony.

During the visit to Bareilly, Her Excellency the Governor inaugurated the distribution of hearing aids to visually impaired students at Disha Inter College, Mudiya, Ahmad Nagar, Bareilly. The Governor of the state, Mrs. Anandiben Patel, visited the Disha School for the Disabled Children in Bareilly district yesday. During the visit, the Governor interacted with the school students and distributed hearing aids to students with hearing impairment.

Addressing the gathering on this occasion, the Governor encouraged the students to expand their abilities, set goals, and remain dedicated to progress. She emphasized that with strong will power, no obstacle can hinder the path of progress. She discussed the importance of using whole grains in meals for a healthy life, the protection of nature and the environment, and the significance of water conservation. The Governor motivated the students to develop a habit of reading and explore useful books beyond their curriculum.
The students of the school presented self-made sketch paintings and books to the Governor. On this occasion, the Vice-Chancellor of Rohilkhand University, Prof. K.P. Singh, the Principal of the college, Mr. Rahat Hussain, and all the teachers and staff of the university were present along with the students.

The Governor’s main program at Rohilkhand University was held in the Atal Auditorium. The National Entrepreneurial Women’s Committee was inaugurated at the summit, with Mrs. Sharda Bhargava, Chairperson of Kavisha Motors and President of the Rotary Club Bareilly, serving as the keynote speaker. Various challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and ways to overcome them were discussed. Sharda Bhargav highlighted that in the 1980s, women entrepreneurs had to face numerous difficulties, but in the present era, the government provides loans at subsidized rates, technical assistance, and services of experts, enabling women to enter the field of industry and business on a large scale. Sharda Bhargav expressed gratitude to the Vice-Chancellor of the university, Professor K.P. Singh , for organizing the summit on women entrepreneurship.

In the Women Entrepreneurship Summit, the second speaker was Acharya Sumedha ji, who came from Shrimad Dayanand Kanya Gurukul in Chotipura, Amroha. In her speech, she mentioned that the holistic development of students can only happen through education in their mother tongue, through their culture and traditions. The students who develop in such an environment carry a sense of nationalism, dedication towards their country, and an inclination towards the promotion of culture. If we distance children from their culture, we will create a society that imitates Western civilization, lacking originality and having a dualistic attitude towards its own culture. Therefore, for comprehensive development, students need to be intellectually developed as well.”

“During the event, Professor Raghuvir Singh , the special guest, in his inaugural address, said that students should become self-reliant. Education should focus more on startups, unicorn online information, technology, intellectual property, and cyber subjects. The purpose of education is to promote research, scientific temperament, and development of students.”

“On this occasion, Professor K.P. Singh , the Vice-Chancellor of Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, mentioned that the university has achieved several important milestones this year. The establishment of the Rohilkhand Incubation Foundation has been done under Section 8 Company, and its inauguration will be done by the Honorable Governor and Chancellor. Several international and national institutions have signed a memorandum of understanding to implement the National Education Policy 2020, including HDFC Bank and National Formosa University, Taiwan, for promoting academic and research activities. An agreement has been made with Taiwan Economic and Cultural Center, New Delhi. To continuously develop the education, skills, and higher education of differently-abled students, an agreement has been signed with the Disha Samiti, Bareilly. The university will manage the education of differently-abled students, similar to the management of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Inter College, and has also signed a memorandum of understanding with Real Agro Industries to assist students in new startups. The university is actively engaged in teaching, research, and dissemination activities to ensure the comprehensive development of students.”

In the program, Her Excellency the Governor and Chancellor Mrs. Anandiben Patel expressed her views on women’s education, literacy, and their healthcare. The Governor emphasized the inclusion of prenatal education in the curriculum of universities. Proper nutrition and physical fitness for children should also be included in the curriculum to ensure their development. The Governor emphasized that education should be in the mother tongue, and after becoming educated, individuals should feel connected to their roots, their homes, local culture, and traditions. Medical colleges should have courses related to women’s healthcare. The success stories of women entrepreneurs or successful women should be incorporated into the curriculum. All universities should also organize seminars with village panchayats, local bodies, and community leaders. Each university that performs well in the exams should continue to work actively for the students even after graduation.Libraries and lab facilities should be available 24 hours a day in all universities to facilitate this.

In the next phase of the program, Rohilkhand Incubation Foundation awarded five startups, namely Mr. Ashish Mishra, Dr. Advait Gupta, Mrs. Kajal Sharma, Mr. Rajat Verma, and Mr. Sanno Gauranshi, with a prize of ₹20,000, which was honored by Her Excellency the Governor, Chancellor, and Vice-Chancellor.

Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, also awarded prominent industrialists Mr. Ghanshyam Khandelwal of BL Agro Industries, Mr. Dinesh Goyal of Rama Shyama Paper Mill, and three important business ideas related to innovative business by Rohilkhand Activation Foundation, including Mystery Art Rajshree Group, A-Doo Kid Inverts University, Bareilly, and Fit-Fi G.L.A. University, Mathura.

Four books were inaugurated during summit ,one is edited by Prof.S.S.Bedi and second one is by Prof.S.K.Pandey

The program was conducted by Dr. Jyoti Pandey, and it was organized under the supervision of Registrar Dr. Rajeev Kumar. On this occasion, all the teachers, principals, staff members, officers, and a large number of students were present at the university. REPORT FROM A.C.SAXENA,BAREILLY.

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