Healthy exchange of ideas made this Assembly session meaningful : Satish Mahana

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana has said that in a democratic system, the role of the opposition is as much as that of the ruling party. Everyone has to walk together in a democracy. Democracy cannot be complete by weakening each other.

During the session, many more new works were seen along with the achievements of the government from time to time. He said that if we compare this session with the previous sessions, then this time the House has run double its usual runtime. Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana made the announcement along with wishing Holi to all the members.

Mahana said that in the fourth session of the 18th Vidhan Sabha, the government listed its achievements from time to time and the opposition also criticized positively. Cooperation of all the parties was received in the running of the house. The Leader of the Opposition discharged his duties.

This time many new arrangements were seen in the house. He said that the democratic structure cannot be complete without the ruling party and the opposition. When both walk together then it is complete. And the democratic system cannot be completed by humiliating each other.

Mahana said that in a democratic system, judiciary, legislature, executive and most importantly journalism as the fourth pillar, we all have to run together, there should not be any sense of competition in this.

Democracy will never be strong if there is a sense of competition towards each other. We all have to maintain our respect along with our responsibilities. When it comes to “We the People”, only the representatives elected by the public represent “We the People” here.

He said that new rules would have been brought in this session itself, but there is still a need for some more improvements in it. New rules will come in the next session. which we will implement.

The digital gallery of the assembly is also ready. In which the complete history of the Legislative Assembly has been told. Along with this, the complete details of the Legislative Assembly will also be seen.  Mahana said that after Holi the digital library will be visible to all. More changes will be seen in the assembly in the coming times. Every session will try to do something new. Something new will be seen in the Vidhan Sabha before the next session.

On this occasion, Vidhan Sabha Speaker Satish Mahana said that everyone should serve the public while staying healthy, this is my best wish.

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