History scholar talks on the role of Sanyasis in the freedom struggle

Lucknow: Professor Himanshu Chaturvedi, Acharya and former President of the History Department of Deendayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University, said that the first resistance against the British is Sanyasi resistance. Saints-followers of Nath sect, Dasnami and Naga sadhus played a big role in this resistance. Not only this, the message of lotus and roti which reached from village to village in the revolution of 1857 was propounded by the saints only in the Haridwar Kumbh of 1856.

Prof. Chaturvedi  on the occasion of the first foundation day (28 August) of Mahayogi Gorakhnath University, Arogyadham Balapar Gorakhpur, Yugpurush Brahmlin Mahant Digvijaynath Ji Maharaj and Rashtrasant Brahmalin Mahant Avadyanath Ji Maharaj Smriti on the fourth day of the seventh day lectures on the topic ‘Sanyasis in freedom struggle’ spoke at length.

He said that the first resistance against the Britishers in 1767 was organized by Fateh Bahadur Shahi, the then local Zamindar of Tamkuhiraj. Fateh Bahadur Shahi’s army mainly consisted of his followers from the Nath sect, Gonsai associated with Dasnami sadhus and Naga sadhus. In this resistance which lasted till 1803, thousands of monks and sannyasis attained Veergati. In 1835, Prayagwala saint community in Prayagraj also opened a front against the injustice of the British, the role of the revolution of 1857 was also prepared by the saints in Haridwar Kumbh a year before this.

Role of protector and helper of Gorakshpeeth in freedom movement

Prof Chaturvedi said that Gorakhpur is not only the center of spiritual practice, but it is also a beacon of nationalism and cultural renaissance. To nurture the spirit of nationalism, Gorakhnath temple played the role of protector and helper of revolutionaries in the freedom movement. From 1857 to 1880, the saint Mahant Gopalnath of Gorakhnath temple continued to help the revolutionaries. After him this responsibility was taken up by Yogiraj Gambhirnath ji and Mahant Digvijaynath ji.

Brahmalin Mahant Digvijaynath was the only Baba of Chaurichaura public anger

Prof Himanshu Chaturvedi told that the Chimathwa Baba who led the historic Chaurichaura massacre on 4 February 1922 was none other than Brahmalin Mahant Digvijaynath Ji Maharaj. When his name came in public anger, Madan Mohan Malviya ji stood up for him and he was acquitted due to lack of evidence. He said that Brahmalin Mahant Digvijaynath ji had also opposed the partition of India.
India is the only country alive in its original civilization

Prof Chaturvedi said that in 1973, UNESCO had conducted an independent research in which a detailed study was done by making a list of 43 ancient civilizations. In its conclusion it was found that 42 of these civilizations can be seen in the museum itself. Only the civilization of India was found alive in its original civilization. He said that from the invasion of Mahmud Ghaznavi to the arrival of the British in India, efforts were made to destroy the original civilization here. But, if our Indianness remains in the original form, then the biggest role behind it was the cultural and social awakening from the saint tradition to the people. Only by the fundamental philosophy given by the saints, India is moving towards becoming a world guru. The program was presided over by the Vice Chancellor of Mahayogi Gorakhnath University, Major General Dr. Atul Bajpai and the vote of thanks by Sadhvinandan Pandey.

CM Yogi inspired research on Swarnprashan

In the morning session lecture, senior Ayurvedic physician Vaidya Abhay Narayan Tiwari gave succinct information on the subject of Swarnprashan. He said that Swarnaprashan is one of the Shodash Sanskars. This is a unique gift of Ayurveda to increase immunity. He told that in 2017, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath inspired him to do research on Swarnprashan. After this the campaign of Swarnprashan was started in Gorakhpur. In Bhadsar village of the district, which was affected by Japanese Encephalitis, excellent results were obtained by giving Swarnaprashan to children. Vaidya Shri Tiwari said that the usefulness of Swarnprashan has been proved by many research studies on modern standards.

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Rao, Registrar, Mahayogi Gorakhnath University, Dr. DS Ajitha, Principal of Guru Gorakhnath College of Nursing, Prof. Ganesh B. Patil, Dr. Pragya Singh, Dr. Sumit Kumar, Dr. Dipu Manohar, Dr. There was active participation of Piyush Varsha, Dr. SN Singh, Dr. Jasoben, Dr. Priya Nair etc.

The stage was conducted by Vaibhav Dubey and Jhanvi Rai. The lecture started with Dhanwantri Vandana and Saraswati Vandana presented by BAMS students Sakshi Singh, Mampi Rai and Diksha and concluded with Vande Mataram song by Sakshi Srivastava, Madhulika Singh, Anshika Jaiswal, Kahkasha, Asma Khatoon. All the teachers and BAMS first year students were present on this occasion.
Friday Lecture
Under the seven-day lecture series at Mahayogi Gorakhnath University, on August 26, at 3 PM, there will be a lecture by Brigadier Deependra Rawat, Commander of the National Cadet Corps, and Smt. Rakhi Agarwal, retired Squadron Leader of the Indian Air Force, on the topic ‘Women in the Indian Army’.

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