Home away from home for Migratory Birds flocking to Gorakhpur Zoo

Gorakhpur : A new world of migratory birds is settling up its home in the free zone of the Gorakhpur zoo. There is enough food for them here. In the 34-acre natural wetland, they eat fish and other aquatic creatures. The high boundary wall and peaceful environment around the zoo are not allowing the birds to go from here. They have made this their home in the bushes spread around the wetland. The environment of the zoo has attracted them so much that most of the birds are not ready to go anywhere else.

More than 120 species of birds have been seen in the free range, the birds chirping in the zoo gives a different feel. The presence of 120 species of birds has been seen here in a year. Out of this, more than 50 species are of migratory birds. This species of bird has been observed by experts during various programs organized in a year.

The birds are getting a favorable environment for their stay. In the solitude between the wetland and the trees, the birds are getting a fear-free environment. The spectators can enjoy the tweets of the birds picking up migratory birds like Little Carmorant, Lesser Adjutant, Whistling Duck, Night Heron etc. on the wetland and trees of the zoo.

The spectators are enjoying the chirping of birds here. All aquatic animals including fish, turtles, snakes, frogs live in the wetland itself. In such a situation, migratory birds do not have to wander here and there for food.

The zoo has become a safe haven for migratory birds. Here, not only in the wetland, but also outside it, birds get food from the trees. Right now the birds are enjoying the jungle jilabi on the trees of the zoo. By the end of its season, the fruits will be ready in the mango trees here. Jamun fruit will be ready here as soon as the mango season is over. In such a situation, birds are also getting enough food in the zoo. Here his family is also increasing. – Dr. H. Raja Mohan, Director- Zoo.

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