Horoscope for the Week: What your lucky stars say for you

Aries – A highly prosperous month for professionals. Things are looking wonderful and this will help in making the environment at the workplace harmonious. You get cooperation of seniors and juniors. You accomplish your targets without sweat. Social contacts will help you progress. Trust your instinct when making your choices. Your initiatives are bold.

Taurus  – Horoscope foretells excellent prospects for career development of professionals. Planetary movements look positive. No problem getting cooperation from your colleagues and seniors. Hope to get the rewards for your hard work. Lot of spare time to engage yourself in social and spiritual endeavors. Scope high for enhancing your professional expertise. Focus on projects. At the beginning of the month.

Gemini  – Career fails to bring cheer to professionals. Big positions are not encouraging and this will result in conflicts at the workplace. Relationships with colleagues fragile. Financial rewards missing. Associating with humanitarian acts will give you some mental solace. Think of improving your professional capabilities through advanced training. Till November 11th, your ideas are confused. Your priority is to do what you love.

Cancer –  Cancer horoscope foretells marvellous prospects for professionals. Astral aspects keep the environment at the workplace delightful. Good relationships with associates and management. You have no problem in executing your projects. Expect good monetary benefits for your work. Engage in social service and religious activities during your spare time. This will add to your mental happiness. Conflicts can arise from nowhere. Bury your head in the sand to calm things down.

Leo – Marvellous conditions for professional progress. Aided by good configurations and this will maintain harmony at the workplace. Relationships with colleagues pleasant and you will have no problem sticking to your targets. This will bring monetary benefits. Enough time for engaging yourself in charitable activities, and this will add to your psychological well-being. You can also enhance your professional expertise through advanced training. Some commitments may have some consequences for your private life.

Virgo – Not prosperous for financials of businessmen and traders. People engaged in selling fine arts will face problems. Returns will not be commensurate with efforts and your savings will come to your rescue. You will not be able to get help from contacts and financial agencies. Investments and speculations will not give the expected returns. You are in a rather favorable period.

Libra – Disturbing situation for career development. Not auspicious and you fail to accomplish your targets in spite of hard work. Not entitled to any financial rewards leading to a negative effect on your morale. You fail to get any satisfaction from your professional activities. Stars protect you since you succeed where you thought you had failed, it’s a great victory!

Scorpio – Extremely discouraging prospects for professional development. Influences are not congenial and this will induce disharmony in the environment at the workplace. Relationships are stressful.  Working hard without any consequential rewards. Do well to divert your attention to charitable activities and religious engagements. This will help your mental well-being.

Sagittarius – Career does not promise any good tidings for professional growth. Things are not positive and this will create serious conflicts at the workplace. Result in delays in the execution of your projects. Working very hard without any financial gains. Divert your attention to philanthropic activities and spiritual engagements. Enhance your professional expertise through advanced programs. You put away your impatience, you are ready to take your time.

Capricorn- Depressing prospect for professional development. Star aspects are not favorable and this makes the office environment full of conflicts. Fail to get cooperation from your juniors and seniors for your projects. You have problems in getting things done on schedule. Financial rewards will not be forthcoming. Indulge in charitable and religious activities. Upgrading of professional skills is another option.

Aquarius – Bleak prospects for professional development. Configurations are not helpful and this will result in a bad workplace atmosphere. Relationships with associates and the management will be unstable. This will have a direct impact on your financial gains. Around the 16th of November, you are surrounded by good allies, they help you and you develop beautiful ideas. Aquarians are clear, scientific thinkers.

Pisces –  Not very promising for professional advancement. Planetary aspects are not beneficial and there will be discord and conflict at the workplace. Fail to get the support of your seniors and colleagues for the execution of your projects. You will be toiling hard without any monetary rewards insight. Month of November is sunny, luck and confidence are back. The planets are shaking up your little habits.

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