Horoscope of the Week: February 21 to February 27

Aries – You will be emotionally and mentally unstable, which will provoke different moods. Mood swings will make it difficult for you to communicate. Avoid tension and people who create tension. You may have to talk again about money matters that were the subject of a conversation some time ago.

Taurus – You will be surprised by emergence of an unexpected problem causing you anxiety leading to health issues. Surprises will make you anxious, whether pleasant or not. An auspicious week for conversations or actions related to inheritance, property or financial resources.

Gemini – Unexpected events will change your relationship with a person who is your relative, friend or business partner. Changes will be positive and promising, in your favor and interest. During the week, someone’s malicious attempts to attack your love or marriage relationship with some intrigue will be in vain. Gemini women will consider their future plans.

Cancer – You will be surprised by a phone call related to a decision or a change in the life of a man. Many have an occasion to gather with your family or friends. Enjoy the favorable development of a health problem of your relative. Important week for the development of your professional or business affairs.

Leo – Take more seriously your own health or the health of a person in your family. Unpleasant news might catch you off guard. Difficult to react in the best way for the respective situation. You will be willing to solve some household or property problems. Unfavorable week for buying household items.

Virgo – Happy times ahead for a family member who gets hitched. Steer clear of conflicts. The week brings news or an event related to pregnancy or the birth of a baby. Positive impact on the development of important plans and cases. Follow words or actions of a woman who has set herself the goal of embarrassing you.

Libra – Be careful in relationships with people who are representatives of the zodiac signs Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio. Do not rush to take a position, do not be in a hurry to defend or accuse. Things will look different. Important week for your professional development. Unfavorable week for calls related to higher pay or better financial terms in a deal.

Scorpio – Be careful with documents, personal mail or phone. The desire for someone to peek into your personal space can give you serious headaches. Many of you will visit a doctor, which will most likely be a pre-planned appointment. In general, this will be an auspicious week for treatment, a visit to the dentist, beautician and others.

Sagittarius – This week will engage your attention with more family matters and more professional commitments. Things will have to be well organized, as their implementation will take some time. An auspicious week for a formal marriage or for the purchase of a new home. Old acquaintances will have a good development.

Capricorn – Born under the sign of Capricorn, you have a week ahead of you. Important for you to be able to achieve the development and completion of important matters. Look for a better job or new sources of income. Strive for realistically achievable goals and don’t waste your time with things that are in the realm of dreams.

Aquarius – Many of you will watch as spectators and then act. Your insecurity will be due to the fact that the people you rely on are engaged in many other tasks. Interesting meetings and conversations mainly with friends ahead. Do not be impressed by words or suggestions of a person. Be careful in your financial affairs.

Pisces – Make some changes to your travel plans. You will enjoy news or an event related to a relative or friend who may live far away from you. You will receive a promise that will be impossible to fulfill by the one who gave it to you. In general, this week be more patient in your actions with the people you will be in contact with. Likely to put a lot of energy into something

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