How the mango has a special place in the heart of Lucknow

Lucknow: Although Lucknow is  capital of Uttar Pradesh, but Lucknow has an identity with  Mangoes. You must have tasted the Dussehri variety of Mango, the king of fruits. This Dussehri is related to Lucknow. Dussehri Mango is named after a village in Lucknow. There is a village named Dussehri in Kakori, Lucknow, where a mango tree is present. When the first fruit came on this tree, it was named Dussehri after the name of the village. Today the age of this tree is more than 200 years. This tree is also called the Mother of Mango Tree. It has now been declared as a heritage tree by the Uttar Pradesh government.

Malihabad of Lucknow is the Mango capital

The famous Dussehri mango of Lucknow is popular all over the world for its taste. These mangoes occur in the Malihabad area of ​​Lucknow. Where mango is grown on a large scale. At present, Dussehri mango is planted in an area of ​​30 thousand hectares in Malihabad area of ​​Lucknow. Every year two million tonnes of mangoes are produced from here, which is sent not only to the country but also to foreign countries.

Banarasi mango is limp but strong in taste

It sounds strange to hear, but the reality is that this is the common Langda of Banaras. If a person has a deformity in his leg and has difficulty in walking straight, then he is called lame, but there is no problem of any kind in the langda mango. Rather, it is  specialty. There is an interesting story behind the naming of this mango. According to legends, about 250 years ago, in the Shiva temple of Banaras, a priest was physically handicapped. One day a monk came to the temple and gave two mango plants to the priest. When the tree bears fruits, it is offered to Lord Shiva. The monk had forbidden the priest to give this mango to anyone, but the king of Kashi spread this mango in the whole city. In the name of the lame priest, this mango came to be called the langda mango.

Chausa is related to Hardoi

The taste of Chausa Mango is unique. It comes in the mango market after Dussehri in the month of July. The biggest feature of this mango is that it is tasteless and has a special sweetness. It is said that Sher Shah Suri named this mango as Chausa after winning the war with Humayun in Chausa of Bihar in 1539, but it is said that this mango is related to Hardoi of UP. It originated in Hardoi, only then it reached Bihar.

Husnara is popular for its beauty as well as its taste.

Lucknow’s Husnaara Mango has also achieved new heights of popularity. This mango is very popular for its beauty as well as its taste. The peel of this mango is like the peel of an apple. When this mango is unripe, it is green and when ripe, it becomes half yellow, golden and reddish. This mango is called the most beautiful mango in the world.

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