Lucknow: Dr Priyanka Singh has been quietly serving the patients of dental ailments at her humble yet impactful Panacea Dental Clinic. In a short span of time she has earned the reputation of doing a good job with the right intent. Sharing her mantra for success, she says – While every clinic is special, I believe relaxing the patient is of utmost importance. Everyone has the facilities but the man to man connect as a doctor matters. If you make the patient eased out, he or she communicates better and problem solving is easier.

She goes on to add – Dental issues are primarily related to general health. She further enunciates that there are three broad scenarios for which doctors these days are approached – namely Aesthetic concern, chewing issues or pain.

In the past two years with COVID wreaking havoc, hygiene is of high importance. She says that first thing that is done is to sanitize and sterilize equipments and patients.

Talking of patients, she is of the view that there is a tendency to approach the doctor when the situation is serious. She urges patients to approach the doctor at initial stage of the problem.    She further says that a lot of patients at the 50 – 60 want aesthetic treatment aiming for a perfect smile design.

Dr Priyanka Singh says that every 6 months there needs to be a dental checkup. Underlining the basics in IDA she says one can use floss, discard brush after extensive use, be particular about the type of brush used for example the tapered one. Doctors, she says, need to be informed and inform the patients as well.

As a caution to the younger lot, the doctor says that using abusive substances should be avoided. For better teeth saying no to smoking would be a big plus. Keeping a check on the food intake also helps one’s teeth lasting longer says Dr. Priyanka. She points out sticky food, carbohydrates, chocolates,  often lead to germs and bacteria hence night brushing of teeth can be a good healthy practice. This is important because the oral cavity is the most contaminated.

Dentistry is changing with time and this has led to much innovation. In tech driven dentistry, Dr Priyanka spells out new best practices like Root Canal treatment, laser treatment, Treatment through rotary with apex locator, full coverage veneers, painless and bloodless treatment is the new norm.

In the post COVID world even Panacea has made sure that all protocols are strictly followed. If the patient is suspected of infection he or she is kept under observation and might also be given antibiotics for speedy recovery. A constant temperature check is done, a regular mouth rinse with Betadine is carried out. Any suspected case is immediately sent for test.

Anyone aspiring to be a dentist will have to treat their patient with utmost care. They are not just patients but one of your own. Monetary gains should be the last thing on your mind as a doctor. It is important that you understand the patient and help ease his discomfort.

To avoid tooth decay brush twice a day, avoid refined sugar, limit its consumption, use floss regularly, give more attention towards your tongue, have regular checkups. Especially for kids stop abusive substances, it is advisable that one use fluoride paste for kids.

In case reaching out to the doctor immediately is not possible try online consultations but do not blindly follow dental hacks shared on YouTube and social media warns Dr. Priyanka.

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