If you own a pet dog, you will have to be more disciplined in Lucknow

Lucknow: In Uttar Pradesh, owners are now responsible for the actions of their pet dogs.

A new list of dos and don’ts regarding dog registration has been sent to all urban local governments in Uttar Pradesh by the state’s Department of Urban Development.

All dog owners will now need to provide a guarantee to the local authorities that they would make sure their pet won’t cause any public disturbance.

According to officials, the decision was made as a result of multiple instances of vicious dog attacks that have been recorded in the state in recent months.

Breeders, resident welfare organizations, and people who adopt stray dogs in significant numbers have also been subject to a series of restrictions. There will be no expenses associated with registering stray pets.

The new regulations will be put into effect in Lucknow as the first city in the state.

According to representatives of the Lucknow Municipal Corporation, the recently developed standard operating procedure by the government would be put into practice when permitting dog registration in the coming days.

Being an industrial region under the control of the industries development department with its own set of regulations for dog owners, Noida would not be covered by the policy.

Although registration of stray dogs will be free of charge, along with sterilization and the first vaccine, anyone wishing to adopt five or more stray dogs will be treated equally to those looking to adopt from shelters and must follow the rules set out by the Animal Welfare Board of India.

The goal is to hold dog owners responsible for the conduct of their pets. Stray dog lovers must exercise the same level of caution if they want to really control their colony’s canines.

The civic organization that registers the animal will also be required to provide the dog owner a chip or token that has the animal’s registration number as well as information like the owner’s name, address, and phone number.

When the dog is taken for a walk or other usual activity, the chip will need to be fitted with the collar.

“The municipal personnel has been given permission to confiscate and transport such pets to the government-run shelter homes if the dog is discovered without the chip when it is on the road or outside the house in a public location. Upon payment, the dog will be returned to its owner by the local authorities, according to a senior official from the urban development department.

The updated SoPs, which were finalized by Amrit Abhijat, the principal secretary of the urban development department, and distributed to municipal commissioners and executive heads of urban local bodies on Monday, detailed the rules that breeders and sellers, operators of shelters, and individuals must abide by as well as the format of the project that will be collected from various stakeholders at the time of registration.

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