In a first in 3 decades shakeup, Priyanka Gandhi is planning something big in U.P.

Priyanka Gandhi and the Order in Congress / Courtesy : Indian Express

Lucknow: Amidst the growing discourse around who will be the future flagbearer of the Grand Old Congress party, in Uttar Pradesh there is a gradual reworking of  structural framework of the party which has had the chance of forming the government 21 times out of the 47  assembly elections held in Uttar Pradesh. The Gandhi led party has been on an exile in the Hindi heartland since 1989. The last Congressman at the held was the late Chief Minister Narayan Dutt Tiwari.

Aiming to end the three decade exile, now the Congress is slowly but surely working on a newly refurbished party which is at par with the  Bharatiya Janata Party in U.P. Leading that complete overhaul of framework will be Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi, also playing the role of state in-charge.

In the gradual runup to the electioneering ahead of the 2022 elections, the Pradesh Congress Committee has started the process of formation of the organization at the block level after 3 decade long gap, giving signs of building from the scratch.

So far 2300 block units have been formed. At the same time, there is also work on at the Nyaya Panchayat level, a first after independence. For most in the Congress this churning is like a ‘silent revolution’ of the Congress.

The State President Ajay Kumar Lallu at a personal level is finalizing the formation of block units. While the UP President has reached out to Nyaya Panchayats of 16 districts, the state president claims that soon Congress will complete the formation of its 21-member committees in Nyaya Panchayats of the state.

To inject more life into the organization, Congress is planning a 15-day stay in each district in the coming days, in which the party officials will finalize the process of building the organization.

At the heart of the entire restructuring will be formation of Village Congress Committees in 60 thousand Gram Sabhas.

Journalists widely believe that the Congress will have to strengthen the party both at the urban and the rural level.

On the lines of BJP, the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee is engaged in strengthening the organization at the booth level. The organization is to be completed at booth level before March. The responsibility of making the Congress strong at the booth level has been given to former minister Congress leader Nasimuddin Siddiqui.

Senior Congress leaders believe that on the instructions of Priyanka Gandhi, neglected Congressmen from across the state are being contacted and they are being brought in as advisors. Old Congress veterans are also being listed and they are being contacted. Their advice will be considered from district level to state level.

The Congress has, for want of power, formed an alliance in UP twice so far. The first time was in 1996, the second time in the 2017 assembly elections, but lost both times. There is speculation that the Congress will not tie up with any party in the 2022 election.

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