In a first, stem cell therapy helps bring back vision

Kanpur: GSVM Medical College has given new life to three people by removing incurable night blindness and hydromacular degeneration disease of the eyes with mesenchymal stem cell therapy of the newborn. The eyesight of all three has returned. Another young girl is being treated. For the first time in the country, this therapy has been claimed to bring back the long lost light.

Transplanter Dr. Parvez Khan said that stem cells were implanted in the retina, which helped in curing the disease. This successful technology of transplantation will be sent for publication in International Journal. According to him, such a transplant has happened for the first time in the country.

Dr. Parvez Khan of the Ophthalmology Department of the Medical College and his team had been working on stem cell therapy for about one and a half years. Trial was done on 15-16 patients. First an attempt was made to bring back eyesight from bone marrow, then blood and adipose tissue. They could not succeed. The fourth trial of mesenchymal stem cell therapy, which has been going on for the last four months, has been successful.

Barabanki woman’s first successful operation

Dr. Parvez Khan said that in night blindness and hydromacular degeneration, the eyesight gradually goes away completely. First of all, Barabanki’s night blindness victim Usha Verma (43) was operated for stem cell therapy transplant. Then Mukesh Kumar (42) of Madhya Pradesh and Mohammad Asim Khan (45), a resident of Unnao and posted as a constable in Sitapur, have been treated with stem cell transplant. A girl from Bihar is also being treated.

Technique will be explained in Columbia University

Dr. Parvez Khan said that earlier he had done successful work on optic nerveritis. In this, the dried up nerves of the eyes are transplanted again. After publication in General, in April, students at Columbia University have been called to give information about it.

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