In a good deed done, at a Mall avenue Dargah poor feel warmth of heartfelt caring

Lucknow: A good deed done goes beyond religion. In an all encompassing world there is ample scope for all religions, regions, caste, creed and sex to help each other grow and live in peace. In a gesture which fosters communal harmony, the day at the Dargah Khanqah Shahe Raza under the aegis of the Shah Nabi Trust at Mall Avenue started distributing blankets to the poor and down trodden mostly of the minority community.

Sajjadanshin Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Sabahat Hassan Shah Maddezillahul Aali of Dargah Sharif distributed blankets to the needy. A large number of people came to this program and expressed happiness by receiving a blanket from the hands of Hazur Sahib Sajjada.

For the past several years, a free medical camp is also being organized here on behalf of Shah Nabi Raza Trust, in which patients are also checked and given free medicines by experienced doctors. Apart from this, this institution has also been doing a lot of work for the education of poor children for the last decade or so, under which children of up to ten years are worshipped at the Dargah Sharif every month with Dini and Duniyavi Taaleem and there is a quiz in which a large number of children participate and the children who do well are rewarded with excellent rewards. In this program, the children around them are very enthusiastically involved.

From time to time with Shah Nabi Raza Trust at the forefront, such programs are being organized. The mission of the trust is that such programs will continue to be organized in the coming years so that the poor and destitute people can be helped in a big way.

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