In festive season, Local Bodies Director Neha Sharma talks cleanliness and sanitation

Lucknow: In view of the upcoming festivals, to ensure cleanliness and sanitization in the urban bodies of the state, Local Bodies Director  Neha Sharma  held a meeting with the officials concerned in the Directorate of Local Bodies . In the meeting, Director  Neha Sharma instructed to do cleaning and garbage lifting in two shifts daily in main markets, major public places, bus stations, railway stations, cultural and tourist places in the cities of the state. She said that in view of the upcoming Diwali and Chhath Puja festivals, special drives should be run for cleanliness.

The Director said that special arrangements should be made for cleanliness during festivals like fairs etc. By fixing the responsibility of the organizers, it should be ensured that banned single use plastic is not used in these events. We should try to have a zero waste event.

Sharma along with Deputy Director Rashmi Singh, Deputy Director Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh, Assistant Director Dr. Sarita Shukla along with Chief Engineer (Technical Cell)  Rajveer Singh were present. Along with the executive officers of the municipal bodies across the state, the officers of the cleaning service also joined through video conferencing.

Guidelines given in the form of action plan

1. Cleaning and garbage lifting should be done on priority in two shifts daily at main markets, major public places, bus stations, railway stations, cultural and tourist places of the city.

2. To ensure cleanliness at the body level, officers/employees of competent level, with garbage collection vehicles, machines and other equipments to clean the streets/lanes of each mohalla/ward and the sanitation workers according to their own beat.

3. Name, designation, mobile no. of the Supervisory Officer of 4-5 wards of the Zone / Cluster which have been created earlier and Beat Incharge / Safai Nayak / Safai Supervisor / Safai Inspector of the concerned ward. And the phone number of the control room of the body. Display on wall writing/flex board at prominent places.

4. Collection and segregation of garbage from 100% households should be ensured on a daily basis. Beautification should be done by eliminating 100 percent Garbage Vulnerable Point (GVP).

5. Cleaning should be done in two shifts, including night cleaning. Proper sanitation should be ensured in residential areas. The garbage lying in the plots should be cleaned.

6. Dustbin / Twin bin should be properly installed, emptied within the prescribed time limit. It should be ensured that garbage is not scattered everywhere outside the dustbin.

7. Maintenance, proper cleanliness and smooth operation of public, community toilets and urinals should be ensured.

8. The waste collected during cleaning should be sent to the landfill site/processing plant at the same time.

9. Regular cleaning of all drains / drains in urban areas should be ensured and arrangements should be made to cover open drains / drains. Immediately ensure bioremediation / phytoremediation of main drains of the city which have foul smell.

10. The silt released during the cleaning of drains / drains should be sent immediately to the sanitary landfill site or to the appropriate place.

11. Grass and vegetation growing along the roads should be removed regularly and pavements should be made for prevention.

12. Regular arrangement of pure drinking water should be made in all the habitations of the body.

13. Repair of the damaged pipelines of water supply to the settlements from the main pipelines of the tube wells and marking the places of water leakage should be done so that clean water supply can be done in the settlements.

14. India Mark – 2 hand pumps and other hand pumps should be closed with concrete around them.

15. Reboring of hand pumps and tube wells should be done for the availability of pure drinking water and bacteriological / virological tests should be ensured to monitor the quality of drinking water.

16. In areas where drinking water is being supplied through hand pumps, proper quantity of chlorine tablets should be distributed to every household in those areas.

17. Special communicable disease control campaign is being conducted from 01 to 31 October and Dastak campaign from 07 to 31 October. For the prevention of infectious diseases / vector borne diseases, spraying and fogging of anti-larva should be done regularly.

18. In urban areas, waterlogged places should be marked and sprayed regularly during the day and fogging should be done in the evening.

19. With the cooperation of public representatives and Mohalla monitoring committees, measures for general and personal hygiene of urban areas, non-open defecation, use of pure drinking water / drinking boiled water and behavior change / awareness campaign and publicity is ensured for the prevention of mosquitoes.

20. Get the Ghats cleaned thoroughly. Cleaning of ghats of Ganga Town, installation of anti littering messages and dustbins should be ensured. Solid waste should not be seen floating in water bodies and around water bodies. Make sure that garbage is not collected or scattered nearby.

21. Repair of potholes on the roads should be ensured. Get the lane painting / zebra crossing etc. marking done as per the standard on the roads owned by the municipal body.

22. To control AQI air pollution, develop road site plantation / green welt, beautify semi-developed / under-construction parks, develop Burtical Garden on the basis of PPP model.

23. Dedicated Command and Control Center (DCCC) toll free number-1533 launched by the Directorate of Municipal Bodies for smooth operation of civic amenities and successful implementation of programs and effective disposal of public grievances in the municipal bodies of the state. Ensuring the process of disposal should be done.

24. According to the provisions of the notification dated July 15, 2018 issued by the Government of Uttar Pradesh Section-7 regarding plastic waste, a campaign on public participation, awareness and behavior change for the collection and recovery of fines by running a campaign against plastics. level to be run.

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