In Multi Tasking lies the Future – Dr. Amrita Dass

Amrita Dass, Founder Director,
Institute for Career Studies

Lucknow: The unforeseen pandemic lockdown and ensuing crisises have culminated in an unimaginable tectonic shift. This has impacted every aspect of our lives specially the education and career scenario. While education has become more hybrid (with online and offline modes of learning),  most careers have have acquired a tech oriented digital avatar e.g. digital marketing, e-sports, immersive art, UX/UI in design, e commerce, e- governance, fin tech, telemedicine,  cloud kitchens, digital media etc, with work from home options.

There are now infinite opportunities for students to upgrade their knowledge and skills through high-tech online learning platforms like coursera.netHence,  they have numerous choices and pathways for learning and earning.
With infinite educational and career opportunities, it is imperative to make informed decisions for tapping one’s inherent potential to the fullest. There are no ideal careers only ideal choices!
Most careers can be accessed from any subject combination. Choosing subjects based on one’s aptitudes and interests develops our intellect, cognitive skills and creativity. These are essential requirements for any career. The stereotypical linear ‘equations’ or connections, e.g. PCM = Engineering; PCB = Medical field; Commerce = CA and Management are far from being relevant today.
It is predicted that 80% of specialisations, 10 years from now don’t exist today. Hence, with such fast paced changes,  rather than preparing for any specific career one has to have domain knowledge and expertise in our areas of interest along with employability skills and become a lifelong learner with a growth mindset. Be prepared for at least five career innings and a ‘gig economy’ wherein you may provide your expertise to a number of organisations and these could be multiple ones for example playing in an orchestra, designing a website and managing an event or teaching.
As more than 75 percent of our students do not have access to career guidance by expert counsellors, the Institute for Career Studies (ICS) has created an App that bridges the Gap, known as the ICS Career GPS. This can be downloaded free of cost and provides students with opportunities to discover their interests with all the relevant information regarding courses, campuses, careers and future trends. They can also connect with our expert career counsellors for further guidance regarding careers or any other concern.
The pandemic has taught us that we are living in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world with a lot of turbulence. Being future ready requires one to develop the required employability skills, adversity-quotient, have ‘flexpertise’ i.e. to be able to apply our knowledge and expertise across domains, be able to pivot fast for responding to change. From survival of the fittest, the dictum today, according to me is thrival of the fittest and quickest!
For well paid jobs in our respective career fields, along with domain knowledge, acquiring the requisite 21st century employability skills is essential. These may be divided into three categories namely Learning, Literacy and Life Skills.
1) Learning Skills: encompassing the 4 Cs of Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication teach us the mental processes required to succeed in a modern work environment.
2) Literacy Skills:  also referred to as the IMT Skills focus on Information Literacy  (understanding facts and interpreting data); Media Literacy ( finding trustworthy sources of information); and Technology Literacy (efficient application of the latest tech tools).
3) Life Skills: collectively referred to as FLIPS are Flexibility, Leadership, Initiative, Productivity and Social Skills.
My mantra is Know-Yourself, Inform Yourself, Plan for Yourself for a career by choice not chance! Fine tune the educational and career choices to your unique frequency by bringing together what you are great at and what you love doing. This will culminate in a career that will give you purpose and meaning in life, fulfilment and happiness. Recognition and remuneration will follow.
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