In post COVID times, record wheat procurement ushers in happier times in Yogi’s U.P

Lucknow: A new record has been made in government wheat procurement in UP. The Yogi Adityanath government has purchased 56.41 lakh metric tonnes of wheat from farmers this year, breaking its own old record.

Earlier in 2018-19, the Yogi government had procured 52.92 lakh metric tonnes of wheat from the farmers. Now the state government has made more purchases this year by breaking its own previous record.

For the purchase of wheat from the farmers, the UP government had set up 5678 purchase  centers. So far, 13,01,705 crore farmers have been paid by the government in exchange for their wheat at these procurement centers. In this way, the Yogi government has set a new record in the matter of wheat procurement at MSP. Never before had so much wheat been purchased at MSP at the rate of Rs 1975 per quintal. In the year 2019-20, 37.04 lakh metric tonnes and in the year 2020-21 35.76 lakh metric tonnes of wheat has been purchased from the farmers. The target was to purchase 55 lakh metric tonnes of wheat

In UP, from April 1, the government started purchasing wheat from farmers. Till June 24, the government had broken the record of procurement for the last 11 years.

The government had completed the purchase of 56.21 lakh metric tonnes of wheat from the farmers by breaking the record of last year also. Along with this, the purchase on MSP was stopped here in Rabi season. The Yogi government had set a target of purchasing 55 lakh metric tonnes of wheat in 2021-22. Achieving this, 56.41 lakh metric tonnes of wheat has been purchased from the farmers.

In 2019-20 also, UP had set a target of buying 55 lakh metric tonnes of wheat. But only 37.00 lakh metric tonnes were procured. Due to the strictness of the government, this target has been achieved this year. There was a strict instruction of the Chief Minister that the wheat of the farmers should be bought at any cost. If there is a problem, action will be taken against the officer. The procurement centers that were built were not on paper, but were working. Its monitoring was also being done continuously. The Yogi government has given great relief to the farmers on the solar pump as well. Farmers are being given a grant ranging from 40 to 70 percent on solar powered solar pumps.

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