In Putin’s full frontal attack, a number of blue blooded men attain martyrdom

Kyiv: In the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Russian Army in Ukraine has suffered heavy losses without any major advances. Despite this, President Vladimir Putin has vowed to intensify attacks on Ukraine. On 24 February, Russia announced the invasion of Ukraine (2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine). Then with Vladimir Putin the whole world was assuming that the Russian army would capture Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, in two to three days. But, on the basis of weapons received from America and NATO countries, the Ukrainian army gave a tough fight to Russia.

The situation is that the Russian army has not yet been able to completely capture any major city of Ukraine. However, eight generals and 34 colonels of the Russian army have been killed during this period.

Russian general’s body buried on Saturday

The body of a Russian army general killed in Ukraine on Saturday is buried in St. Petersburg. According to Russian media, Major General Vladimir Frolov was the Deputy Commander of the 8th Army.

His troops had been besieging the Mariupol port in Ukraine for the past several weeks. During this, he was killed in an attack by the Ukrainian army. Alexander Beglov, the governor of Saint Petersburg, Russia, said in a statement that Frolov died like a hero in the war.

He did not say when and where Frolov died. The governor made sure that Frolov sacrificed his life so that children, women and the elderly in the Donbass would not hear the bombings again.

So far 8 generals and 34 colonels have died

The Ukrainian army claims that at least 8 generals and 34 colonel-ranked officers of the Russian army have been killed in this war. According to the latest report, Russian tank battalion commander Miras Bashakov has also died during the war.

He was the 34th colonel of the Russian army to die in Ukraine. In total, 42 officers of the top leadership of the Russian army have been killed in the Ukraine war.

Despite this, the Russian Defense Ministry has announced to intensify attacks on Ukraine. On Saturday, the Russian army carried out tremendous airstrikes on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Not only this, in Mariupol also the Russian army has given time till evening to surrender.

Putin’s claim – campaign going according to plan

Vladimir Putin claims that the Russian military’s special military operation in Ukraine is going according to plan. However, such a large number of deaths of the top leadership of the Russian army has definitely raised questions about Putin’s claim.

Ukraine claims that more than 20,000 Russian soldiers have been killed since the start of the war on 24 February, although Russia has not commented on these figures. Russian army lieutenant colonel Denis Mezhuev was killed during a war in eastern Ukraine on Thursday. Mezhuev commanded troops in Kyiv before redeploying his unit in the Donbass.

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