In signs of healthier times, obesity in children is decreasing

Lucknow: The World Obesity Awareness Day was recently celebrated all over the world. Rapid improvement has been seen in the health of children below five years of age in UP. The weight of the children has improved according to the height.

Earlier, a large number of children were not found to be correct in terms of weight for height. People have become more serious about the health of children than before. As a result obesity in children decreased. These pleasant signs have been found in the report of the National Family Health Survey (NHFS).

In the NHFS 2015-16, 17.9 per cent children under the age of five were found to be overweight for their height. Which has reduced to only 1.4 percent of children in 2019-21. There has also been a decrease in the number of underweight children. Earlier 44.5 per cent children were found to be underweight. In the current survey report, this figure has come down to 25.5.

Disease surrounds chubby children

Pediatrician Dr. Salman Khan of Dufferin Hospital said that children who are chubby in appearance at the time of birth. Actually such children are victims of obesity. These children are more at risk of diabetes, heart and other diseases. Such children should immediately consult a doctor. So that children can be saved from disease.

Risk of caesarean delivery

Dr. Sujata Dev of KGMU’s Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics speaking to the media said that about 34.8 percent women are in the grip of overweight. Obesity is fatal in young girls and women. The risk of other diseases including blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid and heart increases at a young age. Which can cause problems in pregnancy. In obese women, there is a two- to three-fold increase in the risk of delivery by operation.

Formula to reduce obesity in women failed

Women are making all efforts to lose weight. Keeping fast. Reducing the quantity of food. Blowing money on exercise, herbal tea, medicines and all kinds of drinks. Still there is no reduction in weight.

Exercise regularly

Dr. Anshuman Pandey, Chairman, Department of Gastro Surgery at Lohia Institute, told that to reduce obesity, take a balanced diet. Exercise. Avoid consuming fried items. He told that bariatric surgery can be done to reduce obesity. Even this can reduce the weight to a great extent.

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