In Uttar Pradesh, criminal elements weeded out through the rule of trigger

Lucknow: “This is the new Uttar Pradesh, this is the new police, it will find and shoot criminals from Patal Lok.” These words are straight from UP DGP DS Chauhan. He gave this statement after encountering two criminals in Varanasi on 21 November 2022. The new Uttar Pradesh was mentioned only after most of the encounters. CM Yogi Adityanath also often mentioned this word in the matter of punishing criminals.

In the last more than 52 days, the UP police killed 6 criminals in an encounter. The last encounter took place  on 11 January in Agra.

Maximum number of miscreants killed in Meerut zone

Police said that in the last 5 years, 172 criminals have died due to police firing. In 11 days of 2023, 4 miscreants were killed. Out of the total slain miscreants, the maximum number of 67 criminals were killed in Meerut zone. During the encounter, 4562 accused reached the hospital after being injured by police bullets. 1375 policemen were injured. 13 police constables lost their lives.

There was a reward of more than 2 lakhs on 8 miscreants

Out of the 172 criminals killed by the police, 35 such criminals were included on whom no reward money had been declared earlier. While there were 8 such miscreants on whom prize money of more than Rs 2 lakh was declared. The highest reward was on Kanpur’s crook Vikas Dubey and Chitrakoot’s Gauri Yadav. There was a reward of 5-5 lakhs on both.

Criminals killed in retaliatory firing

Out of the 172 criminals who have had an encounter, there are about 80 such cases whose pattern is the same. After the information of the informer, the police surrounds the accused from all sides. After this the accused opens fire on the police and is killed in retaliatory firing.

In the second most reported case, the criminal tries to run away by snatching the constable’s pistol, the police tries to stop him but he does not stop, after which the police open fire and the accused is killed.

525 encounters in 100 days of second term

The Yogi government had given the encounter data on completion of 100 days of its second term. They said that between March 25 and July 1, 2022, the police conducted 525 encounters. In this, 1034 criminals were arrested. 425 miscreants were shot in the leg. 68 policemen were also injured in the encounter.

The most controversial encounter of the biggest crook

On July 3, 2020, the police who went to raid the house of gangster Vikas Dubey in Bikru, Kanpur, were attacked. 8 policemen were mercilessly murdered. After executing the incident, Vikas Dubey absconded with his associates. 6 police teams were put behind. First 50 thousand, then 1 lakh, then 2 lakh and finally a reward of 5 lakh rupees was declared. Police killed 3 associates of Vikas, but Vikas could not be found for 6 days.

On 9 July 2020, the police got the news that Vikas Dubey was present in the Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain. MP Police showed promptness and arrested. When the Special Police of UP reached in the evening, the MP Police handed over Vikas. The UP police takes Vikas from there by road. The police car overturns in the night. Vikas tries to escape with the weapon of the sitting constable and then the rest of the police constables kill him.

“This car did not overturn, the government was saved from overturning due to the disclosure of the secret”
When the news of the encounter was received on the morning of 10 July, the leaders started reacting. SP chief Akhilesh Yadav wrote, “Actually this car has not overturned, the government has been saved from overturning by the revelation of the secret.” Congress MP Rahul Gandhi had then written, “Silence is better than many answers, I don’t know how many questions I have kept my dignity.” BSP chief Mayawati demanded a fair probe into the encounter under the supervision of the Supreme Court.

Later, the investigation was conducted under the leadership of retired Supreme Court judge BS Chauhan. The police got a clean chit. The committee did not find any evidence of fake encounter.

Fired at the police and ran away and was killed

The latest encounter took place in Agra on 11 January. 50 thousand prize gangster Vinay Shrotriya ran away after firing on the police during his appearance on 13 July 2022. The police kept searching till Delhi-Mumbai but could not find him. Information was received from the informer on the morning of January 11. STF surrounded. Vinay fired and was killed in retaliatory firing. There were 50 cases registered against Vinay.

On January 3, the police did two similar encounters

On 3 November 2022, famous crooks Ashish and Abdul looted a jewelery shop in Bulandshahr. Jeweler Arvind was shot and fled after looting gold and silver ornaments worth Rs 11 lakh. Exactly after two months i.e. on January 3, the police killed both the miscreants. Both these encounters took place at the same time at a distance of 35 km. Both the bikes were stopped at the check post. Instead of stopping the bike, both tried to run away and both were killed.

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