India likely to become the third country in the world to have jetpack soldiers

New Delhi: For the purpose of strategic strengthening in the international border areas of China and Pakistan, the Indian Army has started testing a jetpack suit of a British company. Recently, this suit was demonstrated at the Airborne Training School (AATS) of the Indian Army in Agra.

The Army has decided to buy 48 jetpack suits for deployment on the border under special circumstances. After the army gets the jetpack suit, Indian soldiers will be able to fly from one place to another in border and inaccessible areas.

The Indian Army had floated a tender on January 24 to buy 48 jetpack suits to add hi-tech equipment to its inventory. This purchase is to be done under emergency provisions and fast-track procedures. The company has developed jetpack suits, which have been tested at the Army’s Airborne Training School (AATS) in Agra. The jetpack suit is being tested at a time when the Indian Army is about 3,500 km from the eastern Ladakh border with China in May 2020. India is beefing up its surveillance apparatus along the long Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Richard Browning, founder of British company Gravity Industries, demonstrated his company’s jetpack system at the Airborne Training School in Agra.

In the test video, Browning can be seen easily navigating in the air wearing a jetpack suit. According to the tender, the company making the jetpack suit will also have to manage its maintenance for at least ten years. According to military officials, these products will be supplied to the army under ‘Make in India’ provisions.

The Army specified in the tender that the jack pack suit should be capable of safe ascent, safe take-off and landing and capable of withstanding attacks in all directions. Its maximum speed is 50 km. per hour and should be technically capable of reaching a height of 12,000 feet. Also 80 kg.

Must have a minimum flight time of 8 minutes with load. Each jetpack should have a shelf life of 10 years. The total weight of the entire system (excluding man) should not exceed 40 kg.

A senior army official said that India will become the third country after the United States and the United Kingdom to have jetpack soldiers.

Army sources said that they can be used at many places apart from the borders with China and Pakistan. The Royal Marines of the United Kingdom are also using jetpacks. A jetpack suit typically consists of three small jet engines attached to the arms. The engines are on the back of a specially designed suit or harness that allows the wearer to control the direction of their flight.

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