Indian Films quite a rage among nominations this year at Oscars

Mumbai: It is indeed a proud moment for our country at this time. After 21 years, the country has got not one or two but four nominations at the Oscars. While ‘Naatu Naatu’ song from ‘RRR’ has been selected in the Original Song category, ‘Chello Show’ has been shortlisted in the International Film category. Apart from these two films, there is also talk of two documentary films, which have been selected for the Oscars. These are director Shaunak Sen’s All That Breathes and The Elephant Whisperers. That is, this time 4 films of the country have been selected for the Oscars.

Now which of these films wins the Oscar for the country, it will be known in a few days. But for the time being, let us tell you about those two documentary films, which are being discussed after being shortlisted in the Oscars.

Story of All That Breathes:

First of all let’s talk about ‘All That Breathes’. This short film by Shaunak Sen has been selected for the Documentary Feature Film category at the Oscars. In this documentary, the life of two Delhi brothers Mohammad Saud and Nadeem Shahbaz was shown. It showed how the two rescue and treat black eagles in Wazirabad, Delhi. In this documentary, it was shown how pollution and population explosion are affecting Delhi’s ecosystem. This 90-minute long documentary also showed its mettle at the Cannes Film Festival 2022. Apart from this, All That Breathes was featured in many other film festivals. Whereas Shaunak Sen won the Golden Eye Award in Cannes for this documentary.

Story of The Elephant Whisperers:

‘The Elephant Whispers’ has been shortlisted for the Documentary Short Film category at the Oscars. This short film of about 41 minutes was also recently shown on Netflix. The story of the documentary is about an elderly couple from South India who adopt and raise an orphaned elephant named Raghu. The couple tries everything possible to save the existence of an elephant named Raghu. This couple not only protects Raghu in every way, but also worships him as a god. The story of this documentary touched people’s hearts. It showed the selfless love between humans and animals.

Watch on which OTT platform?

The Elephant Whisperers was released on Netflix on 8th December and is still available to watch on this OTT platform. Whereas All That Breathes is currently not available on any OTT platform. Although it is being told that it will be streamed on Netflix soon.

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