Innovative design helps you stand out – Manish Arora

– Lecture series organized on the birth centenary year-2023 of eminent painter of the country Prof. Madan Lal Nagar.

Mumbai: The method used in designing and making any object attractive is called Applied Arts. It differs from fine arts in many ways. Under this, training is given in a mixed form of photography, design, drawing, lithography etc. For this, there are many institutes in the country which provide proper education in this discipline. In this institution, 110 years old Art Institute in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, is affiliated to the College of Arts and Crafts, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lucknow. Where there is the Department of Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Sculpture and Textile. Today the students who came out of this institute are hoisting the glory of their art not only in the country but also in foreign countries.

There was a formal lecture on a business art in the Faculty of Fine Arts, in which Dr. Manish Arora, as a subject expert, gave detailed information about this genre through his lecture. Dr. Manish Arora is working as Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Visual Arts, Kashi Hindu University, Varanasi. He said that when your favorite hobby becomes your career, then you give your hundred percent in it and then no one can stop you from being successful.

If you want, you can make a career in art, where there is money, the peace of being connected to your hobby and fame. In this, along with the job, good money can also be earned by freelancing. If you have talent, then with the help of your art exhibitions, you can touch the heights of fame by earning both name and money.

Whether designing, fashion designer, photography, animation, advertising, cartoon, caricature, character design, art gallery, museum, interior designing, wall painting are all such places where we can make a part of our artistic presentation. There are so many ways to do our work like doodles, emojis, illustrations, storyboards, computer graphics. We need to make the imagination power very strong. For all this first of all sketching is very important which is already told in 6th year of fine arts. There is a need to increase this skill in a better way only then one can be successful in all these fields. There are very bright career prospects in the field of arts. If you have creativity then you can touch sky heights in this field.

Art and beauty must be there and should be visible in our every work. We should give importance to our presentation. That becomes the medium of attraction. Along with thinking aesthetically, we also have to be aware with time. We should also be aware of the techniques and experiments being done in contemporary and modern art. That is, there is a need to know and understand all the genres of art very well. Only then can you do something new. With innovation you can establish yourself. It requires a lot of time to hone your artistic knowledge in detail. And we also need to keep the environment around us artistic and beautiful.

In the lecture on Innovation Opportunities, in relation to the new innovation design in the field of visual arts, the country was also informed about the experiments and its results and the field of visual arts is so vast that without it no area of the world can escape from it. Through his presentation, Arora also underlined the changes and use of design and their thinking in many innovative designs, advertisements, Google, Apple, and all multinational companies. And also threw light on the role of artists in it, which was a very informative lecture for the college students.

At the same time, an effect of energy was also seen in the students because it is only from this type of lecture that they get meaningful guidance to move forward in their field. Such lectures should continue to happen.
Arora introduced many former students of Kashi Hindu University’s Faculty of Fine Arts who have established themselves today and also showed their works. Out of which the artists who did artistic work behind the various symbols being used in present times were also told like calligrapher Rajeev Khare Fontwala who was a student of Kashi Hindu University.

Those who created only one language. Only the fine arts student will go ahead and connect the world with new creativity. Dilip Choubey the famous Illustrator and Character Designer also showcased the creative work done by him. Sanjay Ojha, the illustrator who sketched Michael Jackson’s performance on his India tour. He has also made storyboards. Professor BK Chakraborty is a graphic designer, product designer. Innovation is a systematic method. We need to strengthen our caliber so that people know from your work. It was BK Chakraborty who designed light weight palanquins, chairs, hand stamp for post which people are using today.

A large number of faculty students including Dean of Arts College Ratan Kumar, Alok Kushwaha, Atul Hundu, Ravikant Pandey, Girish Pandey, Bhupendra Asthana, Sanjay Rajput were present in this lecture.

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