Inter-Continental Conclave at Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow

Lucknow : The Inter-Continental Conclave conducted by International Relations Committee (IRC) was held on 23rd April 2022 at the Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, with an objective to provide a platform for the facilitation of new ideas in regards with the current international outlook.

The symposium focused on the initiatives that must be taken, particularly in light of current geo-political conditions that are a worldwide concern. The seasoned experts talked about the diplomatic actions taken by respective countries. Academiciansand various experts attended the conference to discuss how events are taking place in International context leading to strategic actions and warfare to satisfy their self-interests.

The session bolstered with the first event for the day Dialogue: Vnimaniewhich attained gravity with the participation ofDr. Aswani Dravid(Assistant Professor, School of liberal Studies, (UPES) and Dr.Anshu Joshi (Faculty, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)).

Dr. Aswani Draviddrew attention towards geo-political matters the fact that we are interdependent on each other and stated that Russian invasion of Ukraine is the largest war Europe has seen since the World War 2 and these conflicts affect the commodity markets of the world. She emphasized that NATO expansion since 1997 is the main reason for the current Russian aggression.

“The second reason of the conflict is because of geostrategic location of Ukraine as it lies in between Russia and Europe”, said Dr. Aswani Dravid.

Further, she put forward the third reason of the unrest between the two countries being the Russian Hegemony. She talked about the Heartland theory which signifies the presence of Europe Asia and Africa collectively as a landmass having a distinct source of power that controls the entire world.

She also highlighted the critical aspect of the EU and Russia relationships as The European Union needs Russia to cater to its energy requirement while Russia needs European Union for oil and gas trade which signifies that they are interdependent on each other.

It is a proud moment for all of us that the world is looking upon as a neutral state to resolve the conflict between the Russia and Ukraine. Culturally Ukraine used to be a sub region of Russia collectively called USSR. Russia undoubtedly is appearing as a winner in the war because recently Zelinsky has requested Putin to come to a diplomatic table and resolve the issue. Power is the only means to secure a country’s national interests, which at a point in time led to the formation of two power blocks led by USSR and America, thus creating a bipolar concentration of military power in the world”, said Dr. Anshu Joshi.

The day moved further with engaging activities lined up for the students including N-Cyclopedic, Expressions: Beyond Borders, Diving Deep into the Global Arena to make the day inclined towards the theme of the symposium.

The N-Cyclopedic was inclined towards testing the students’ knowledge of worldly affairs which was facilitated through an engaging yet challenging quiz. The event gained a zealous participation from the students across various colleges who seek to challenge their awareness of international affairs.

The coming event lined up for the day was Diving Deep into the Global Arena that served as a platform for the participants to exchange ideas and allowing them to assess any circumstance from several perspectives. Consequently, they would be more equipped to see the need of considering all aspects of a situation before making a decision.

Another gem in the box was Expressions: Beyond Borders, a presentation based event where each team was assigned the task of choosing an international issue and narrating it in an inspiring and in a motivating style. In addition, the team had to discuss some critical takeaways from the worldwide issue chosen in the context. The event witnessed various thought provoking ideas on pressing international issues that prevailed in the current international context.

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