Investment proposals of Rs 34.09 lakh crore are a reflection of the public trust in the govt and its credibility: CM Yogi

Lucknow :  What kind of government should there be? The one who avoids the problems and flees from them or rather the one that accepts them and adopts a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and crime, said Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday.

Attacking the opposition during the discussion on the budget in the assembly, CM Yogi said, “As the Leader of the Opposition spoke, he seemed pleased to have pushed UP to the last position. Everyone is aware why UP was going down before 2017? There are two ways to fix the issue— ‘Bhaag lo ya phir bhaag lo’ (Either face the challenge or run away).”

CM Yogi continued his criticism by saying, “Either accept the issues as a challenge and work to resolve them like our government has in the past six years, or ‘run away’ like the seat of the Leader of the Opposition is ‘vacant’ right now.”

During the session, CM Yogi thanked all the 134 members who took part in the discussion on the budget and also answered the questions and allegations of Akhilesh Yadav with facts.

*The Leader of the opposition also accepted that UP has received proposals worth Rs 34 lakh crore*

CM Yogi stated that everyone has a responsibility for such a sizable state. “All of us are sitting here as the representatives of 25 crore people. The leader of the opposition said that proposals worth Rs. 50 lakh crores would have surfaced if we had gone to Davos. That indicates that he believes proposals have arrived.

Yogi said: “The proposals, totaling Rs 34.09 lakh crore, are a reflection of the public’s trust in the government and its credibility. Why didn’t this come before 2017? The people of the state and the world would not have forgotten the incident of 2013, when they had gone to Harvard for a presentation on Kumbh and ‘Chachajan’ had to go through an investigation. Where did we take the state? Results would have been different if there had been an effort to advance UP in any one field.”

*Budget includes 110 resolutions out of 130 made in the Sankalp Patra*

Praising the budget of 2022-23, CM Yogi said, “If you look through this budget, you will realise that all the promises we made to the public have been included in it. In the 2022 elections, the party had promised 130 resolutions while releasing the Lok Kalyan Sankalp Patra. Budget has been arranged for 110 out of 130 resolutions. An amount of Rs 64,700 crores has been arranged for this. This amount has been arranged for the poor, farmers, youth and women.”

*You only made announcements, we make pledges and keep them*

Taking a dig at the Leader of the Opposition, he said: “Earlier you used to issue manifestos. Despite major announcements, nothing happened. In 2016, you had announced to give one crore each to Rio de Janeiro Olympics players, including PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik and Dipa Karmakar. Nothing was done in 6 months, and then the public rejected you. On January 26, 2018, we provided the amount on behalf of the state government. What did you do apart from making announcements? We make resolutions and act on that basis”, he remarked.

*Significant increase in revenue*

Regarding financial management, CM Yogi said that the leader of the opposition party was reading our ‘Sankalp Patra’. How should financial management be? The way tax evasion used to take place in their government, development of the state was obstructed, the investigation is all available in reports including CAG and others.
Yogi pointed out: “Yamuna Expressway Authority (YEIDA) suffered a loss of Rs 642 crore till 2016, but after that, it turned a profit. It’s been stated that whomever travels to Noida won’t return to power. I travelled to Noida, and the leader of the opposition said that I would definitely not return to power. I had faith that I would return.”

Earlier, the revenue used to come to Rs 86,000 crores. This time, the total revenue is expected to reach Rs 2.30 lakh crores by March 31. This is a significant increase. GST was Rs 49-51 thousand crores in 2016, now it is going to cross 1 lakh 24 thousand crores. The mafia used to rule the state excise before 2017. The state got a little more than Rs 12 thousand crores from state excise, and this time 45 thousand crores is going to come. Who did this money go to? Aise he koi England mein hotel aur Australia mein tapu (island) thode na khareeda jaa raha hai, he added.

*UP’s budget increased more than double in 6 years*

Appreciating the budget, CM Yogi said that within the last 6 years, the size of UP’s budget has more than doubled. The budget which was 3.40 thousand crores in 2016-17, this time it was more than double i.e. more than 6.90 thousand crores. It represents the expansion of UP’s economy. It represents growth progress in GDP, but growth in capita income. This journey of UP is based on public trust.

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