It’s Night at freezing Antarctica for the next six months

An image of the sun and the moon in polar region

London: 12 scientists, explorers and staff at Europe’s Concordia Research Station in Antarctica will no longer be able to see the sun for the next six months. Because sunset has happened in Antarctica. The next six months would be night only. The sun will rise everywhere in the world, but only darkness will prevail for six months at that place in Antarctica. The month in which you are sweaty because of the heat. Winter is going to start in Antarctica from the same month.

In fact, this four-month winter is no less than a gift for these scientists. Most research is done in Antarctica during this season. The search is done. For the next six months, scientists from the European Space Agency and its associated institutions will do different types of research. The last sunset of this year was seen in Antarctica on 12 May 2022. Now when it is dark, the temperature around Concordia Research Station goes up to minus 80 degrees Celsius.

No one will go to Antarctica, no one will come now

Now this six months, neither will anyone come out of Antarctica. Nor will anyone go there from outside. There will be no flight to Antarctica. That is, no food and drink items will go. With the help of whatever material has gone till now, these 12 people will spend their lives. With the increase in winters, due to the altitude and cold there, there is a lack of oxygen in the brain of the people. This is called chronic hypobaric hypoxia.

There are only two seasons in Antarctica – summer and winter

ESA’s medical doctor who is there to take care of everyone at the research station. He told that the real mission has started now. The next 5 to 6 months will have to be separated from the world. You have to stay away from the whole world in the name of research. It’s like you’ve come to another planet. Where the whole world enjoys four different seasons, Antarctica has only two seasons. One summer and the other winter. That is why it remains dark for 6 months and light for six months.

Light in the summer of Antarctica and darkness in the winter there. Due to such a long winter and darkness on Antarctica, the earth rotates on its axis. Where a large part of the Earth comes in direct contact with sunlight, Antarctica is deprived of this thing. The sunlight is written in his fate only for six months.

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