Joe Biden says America is committed to a one China policy

Washington: US President Joe Biden said in an interview that while giving a direct warning to China, if there is an attack on Taiwan, the US military will fight a war in defense of Taiwan. US President Joe Biden said that the US military would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion. During the interview, US President Joe Biden was asked if the US military would come under fire to aid Taiwan after China’s attack, Biden said that yes, our military will absolutely help.

No change in policy for Taiwan

After US President Joe Biden’s clear statement, a White House spokesman said that there has been no change in America’s policy towards Taiwan. The White House spokesman said that the US has said many times in the past that it will always stand by the security of Taiwan.

It is worth noting that this interview with Joe Biden was conducted by CBS last week. US President Joe Biden has arrived in Britain for the funeral of the late British Queen Elizabeth II. For the first time, America has threatened China in such clear words.

Earlier, the US had long stuck to a policy of not clarifying whether it would give a military response to an attack on Taiwan. During his interview, Biden reiterated that the US does not support Taiwan’s independence and remains committed to a one-China policy, but that any attack on Taiwan will not be tolerated. Let us tell you that the US has not officially recognized Taiwan as a country.

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