June 13 to June 19: Weekly Horoscope

Aries – This week you have confidence when it comes to an affair of the heart. Shut off electronics for an hour or so and listen for messages from your angels and guides. Consider using a Tarot deck. Write down your question so it’s clear in your mind, and then draw your card. You can tackle something difficult because you have the determination to get through.

Taurus – There is a strong family spirit connecting you to relatives near and far. This is a good day to do a vision board of the material things you want along with what you would like to achieve. You clearly reflect a strong sense of determination and a big helping of not wanting to follow the rules. It’s a good idea to break some rules.

Gemini – You’re moving in multiple directions. This is just as you like it. If looking for a new job, visualize the process of getting the interview, getting the offer, and negotiating for the salary. Picturize what you will wear on your first day on the job. Visualization has power today. Use extra caution when driving. Avoid arguing.

Cancer – You may feel quite impulsive this week. Emotions rise up quickly and unexpectedly. You may wake in the morning after having an interesting dream. This is a good day to study Tarot cards or channeling. Be very careful with boundaries around an attractive friend. If you’re already in a love relationship, you could have some explaining to do later.

Leo – You have several reasons to feel optimistic. This week you can make big plans. A friend may go back on a promise they made to you. Someone else will step in to fill their place. If you’re in a business partnership, this could signal some serious rocky waters. The two of you can use the power of this aspect to find the perseverance to work through your problems. One of you may be represented by Saturn, looking to build something slowly.

Virgo – You’re quite ready to help others, but this week you might be going overboard. You could garner some fame, even break some records in your social media, or email newsletter numbers. People are talking about you and spreading the news to their friends. This is a great time to do marketing or to launch your album. This is a great aspect for immersing yourself in some new technology and learning very quickly. Look at doing something for your side business like building a website, learning to edit videos, or mixing musical scores.

Libra – This week, a bumpy road gets smooth. Take care of yourself. The information you have for a process or a piece of software isn’t actually correct. The people who could help you seem to be nowhere in sight. This is frustrating energy. You may see a new relationship accelerate that would make most people’s heads spin. Have a conversation with your sweetheart.

Scorpio – Great wisdom is available to you. You are the student. You may be tempted to make some hasty investments. A news program has inspired you toward purchasing Ethereum crypto-currency. You attend a property flipping seminar, and you’re ready to buy a building. Be careful of too much optimism today. Neptune can cloud your judgment. There could be a discussion at home about living arrangements. Your significant other may have a job opportunity on the other side of the country.

Sagittarius – You’re weighing the choice to be right or to be happy. Excellent time for talking to your sweetheart about living together. The two of you can visualize your new house and the type of decor you would get.Stick with dreaming. Some very precise communications are necessary today. There’s a desire to rush through just to get it done and off of your desk.

Capricorn – Important to make alliances. Capricorn, you’re stronger when you have allies. This is a great day to go swimming, surfing, or water skiing. Exercise, vitamin D, and social interaction a great combination for doing hot yoga at home or Tai Chi in the park.

You may be tempted to take radical action to make a financial gain. Just because people call it an investment doesn’t mean it’s not gambling. Today, be careful with your money

Aquarius – You’re deciding between what’s practical and what’s fun. You may have to find a way to do both. If you’re looking for love, it is imperative that you recognize your own worth. Love is out there for you. Don’t be sifting through online dating choices, work on your own self-worth. You may have spent the better part of your life trying to get approval from parents and authority figures. But now you’ve broken free.

Pisces – Unexpected things can happen this week. You are quite intuitive when it comes to a family member. You know what’s really going on. You’re ready to listen and to empathize with what they’re going through. You may be drawn to creative work, but you wonder if you have the talent. The truth is that aptitude comes from practicing art.

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