Kanpur savours booze to get a festive high this Holi season

Kanpur: Kanpur folk drank heavily this festive seson, due to which the Excise Department got into trouble. The residents of the city consumed alcohol worth Rs 50 crore, which is 20 per cent more than last year. Along with this, half of the entire month’s quota of liquor was sold within eight days of the beginning of March.

The highest country liquor sales in the district was 52.15 percent.

The sale of beer was 44.41 percent and English liquor was 32.81 percent.

According to the officers, every time the sale of English liquor was more after the country liquor.

This time due to the heat, people preferred beer, which has affected the sale of English liquor. Last year, liquor worth 42 crores was sold, which is 20 less than this time.

According to the officers, this time the teams from the headquarters to the city were very active. That’s why the sale and manufacture of illegal liquor remained under control. That’s why there was a lot of sale of country liquor in rural areas.

Sale of alcohol so much

Wine 2022 2023

● Desi 1028377 Ltr 1268348 Ltr
● Beer 666990 Cans 827484 Cans
● English 239520 bottle 298872 bottle

But there was a lot of strictness, so illegal liquor was curbed and it was sold breaking records from licensed shops. Half of the quota for the whole month was sold in the first eight days itself. Pragalbh Lavania, District Excise Officer

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