Kapil Sibal asks Congress first family to make way for fresh blood

Kapil Sibal is one of the signatories of the letter written to Sonia Gandhi for bringing reforms within the party.

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal has asked the Gandhi family to part ways from the leadership of the party. He said that this is the right time when the Gandhi family should step away from the leadership of the Congress and give a chance to someone else for the leadership role. Sibal’s statement came after the defeat of the Congress in the assembly elections in five states and the Congress Working Committee showing its faith in the leadership of Sonia Gandhi.

Kapil Sibal criticized the party’s decision to hold a brainstorming session. He said the leadership was living in “Kuku Land” if it was not even aware of the reasons for the party’s downfall after eight years. G23 leaders had demanded major changes in the party to Sonia Gandhi in 2020. Sibal is the first senior Congress leader to demand that the Gandhi family make way for a new leader. He said that the Gandhi family should voluntarily move away, as the body nominated by them would never tell them that they should not continue the reins of power.

‘Opinions of leaders outside CWC should also be heard’

Sibal said he was neither surprised by the party’s defeat in the assembly polls nor by the CWC’s decision to show faith in the leadership of Sonia Gandhi. He said that a large number of leaders outside the CWC have a completely different perspective. He said, “There is a Congress outside the CWC… please listen to their views. If you want… there are many leaders like us who are not in the CWC, but the Congress has a completely different perspective. Don’t you mind? Doesn’t matter because we are not in CWC?”

Sibal said – I want ‘Sab Ki Congress’

The Congress leader said, “According to them the CWC represents the Congress party in India. I don’t think it is right. There are so many Congressmen across the country… from Kerala, from Assam, from Jammu and Kashmir, from Maharashtra, from Uttar Pradesh.” From Gujarat, who do not hold such opinion. I cannot speak on behalf of others. It is my personal view that today at least I want ‘Sab ki Congress’. Some others want ‘Ghar ki Congress’. I definitely don’t want ‘Ghar ki Congress’. And I will fight for ‘Sab ki Congress’ till my last breath.”

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