Kathak prodigies Isha, Misha Ratan take Khadi Festival stage by storm

Lucknow: Cultural programs have created a buzz in the Khadi Festival organized at Government Polytechnic Faizabad Road, Lucknow. A cultural evening was organized by the members of Lucknow Connection World Wide. In which the artists of the group ranging from 5 years to 75 years of age enthralled the audience with songs, music, dance, poetry, poetry. Lucknow Connection World Wide Facebook page.

Group admin Rashmi Mishra said that our Facebook page has been working for the last 3 years under the able leadership of group founder Sunil Mishra and admins Anil Shukla and Shoaib Qureshi. Senior member Rajeev Kumar Saxena said that the group is regularly working in the direction of Lucknow’s cultural heritage, Awadhi language, Awadhi cuisine and women empowerment by connecting with Lucknow through its various online and offline programs. Under the stage management of Sumona Sanjay Pandey, the artists rocked by singing and dancing on folk songs, Bollywood songs. The dance class children started with Ganesh Vandana ‘Ganeshaya Bhalchanday’. Ishaan serenaded the audience with the melodious tune of Aaja Sanam Madhur Chandni Mein Hum on Cashio. D.K. Mukesh reminded one of lyricist Mukesh from the song ‘Tum Jo Hamare Bhitar Na Hote’.

Praveen, Sushma Prakash recited Bhajan, Amit Harsh recited his own poem Lucknow Nama Gomti Tere Basa first from your city. Rajeev Kumar Vatsal presented  songs showing a glimpse of traditional classicalism on flute, Rashmi, Ashish, Chandrashekhar Verma, singing Durga stuti danced, Namrata, Deve, Rashmi Dibiyani =- Apalmanyapanam, Ashish Havelia, Vijay danced to Durga Shakti. Ratan Sisters Isha Ratan Misha Ratan, disciples of Kathak Guru Surbhi Singh, presented the traditional Kathak Ram Vandana in praise of Lucknow Gharana.

Father-son duo Mukesh and Ishaan presented a scintillating duet on mouth organ and casio. Shiv Tandav was performed on the songs of Arvind Mishra, Ashwani Kumar, ‘Rama Janme Awadh Ma Magalgao’ by Indasarswat, Alok Singh recited poetry, Ashish Naval, Vinod Srivastava, Manju Narayan, Nivedita recited poetry – , Bhakti Shukla recited Holi Kanha played Holi. Decorate the form of Devi Geet Maiya, Swarnima Singh, Niharika Agarwal, Kishika Pandey shows the glimpse of Maharashtra while performing Lavani dance., Rashmi Mishra does not touch the ground these days., Heramb Awasthi, Awadhi dance, Jinisha Jain + Anaisha Jain , Nirmala Sharma, Anushi Dwivedi, (Ghazal), Bhanvi Srivastava flute playing, Rajiv Kumar Vatsal made the atmosphere poetic by presenting self composed poetry. Rajeev Kumar Saxena and Rashmi Tripathi presented the song Roz Roz Yaad Aati Thi, Vinod Srivastava eulogized the Goddess during Navratri while hailing Shera Wali.

Paying tribute to Gandhi, Kishika Pandey, Saanvi Verma, Alka Tripathi, Niharika Agarwal, Anamika Bajpai, told about the need of Khadi Mela and Khadi.

Sanchiyata Bera, Praveen Srivastava,, Aani Devaskar, Prabhjot Devaskar Aani, Devaskar, Gargi Dwivedi, Pihu Dwivedi spread melody through their music.

Many dignitaries including Archana Shukla, Jyoti Kiran Ratan, Savita Chowdhary, Avinash Arora, Pradeep Sharma were present on the occasion.

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