KGMU topguns debate the need to steer clear of the disastrous consequences of Cancer

Lucknow: World Cancer Day is celebrated under the auspices of the Union Forum for International Cancer Control which unites the whole world to fight against cancer.

The purpose of this day is to spread awareness against cancer. Millions of deaths due to cancer can be saved. Cancer in the year 2018. More than 1.8 crore cases were reported in India, it is expected to reach more than 2.9 crore by the year 2024.

India recorded one undiagnosed death in 2020, one out of every six deaths due to cancer.

27 lakh in the year 2020. was more than 20 and 14.6 lakh new cases of cancer have been found in 20 22, mainly oral cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer and hand cancer and breast cancer in women, uterine cancer and ovarian cancer.

Among the leading causes of cancer are

1 Use of tobacco in the form of Dhruva Paan

2 pan masala stir

3 Alcohol Consumption

4 Low fruit vegetable and fiber in the diet

5 Malnutrition

6 Lack of physical activity

7 Genetic Causes

8 Virus

KGMU Department of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine under the guidance of Professor Ved Prakash aims to have a holistic approach to lung cancer disease. Professor Vijay Kumar of Department of Surgical Oncology, Dr Shah Zafar of Department of Medical Technology in collaboration with the team and using modern techniques like fiber optical bronchoscopy, early diagnosis of lung cancer patient is working to eradicate the disease.

Preliminary results of this study have recently been published in Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics. In this study Cell Live Center in State Dr. Satyendra Kumar from For Advance Research KGMU and Dr. Anjana Singh from Era Medical College and Dr. Ved Prakash from Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine are included on this occasion.

Department of End Critical Care Medicine, Dr. Sachin Kumar, Dr. Mrityunjay Singh, Dr. Anurag Tripathi, Dr. Ravikant Pandey, Dr. Shubham Smriti were present.

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