Like a true blue cricketer, Imran Khan outclasses Opposition in Pakistan

Islamabad: Imran Khan cleverly dashed the hopes of the opposition in the Pakistan Parliament on Sunday. The entire planning done against him by the opposition parties went to waste. However, after the approval of President Arif Alvi, the Pakistan Parliament has been dissolved and now elections will be held again in the country within the next 90 days. But the interesting thing here is that thanks to Article 224 of the Pakistani Constitution, Imran Khan has saved his chair.

Sunday brought a political earthquake in Pakistan. Under the pre-planned no-confidence motion, the opposition parties had reached the Pakistan Parliament to oust Imran Khan from the post of PM, but could not be completely successful. The Deputy Speaker in the Pakistan Parliament blocked the no-confidence motion calling it unconstitutional and saved Imran from being ousted.

Imran has also dissolved the cabinet. But PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry says that Imran Khan will still remain the PM under Article 224. Fawad Chaudhry said that Imran Khan will continue with his duties under Article 224 of the Constitution, which deals with elections and by-elections. Hussain tweeted, “Prime Minister will continue with his duties under Article 224 of the Constitution. Cabinet has been dissolved.”

What is Article 224 of the Constitution of Pakistan?

President Arif Alvi dissolved Pakistan’s National Assembly and cleared the way for new elections within half an hour of Imran Khan’s recommendation on Sunday. General elections will now be held in Pakistan within the next 90 days, till then Imran Khan will remain the caretaker PM of Pakistan under Article 224 of the Constitution of Pakistan. With this the cabinet of Pakistan has been dissolved.

Didn’t expect this to happen: Shahbaz Sharif

What happened in the Parliament of Pakistan on Sunday was not according to the plan of the opposition. Returning from the Parliament, Leader of the Opposition Shahbaz Sharif also admitted that he had no hope of Imran Khan’s move, but what happened in Parliament proves that Imran Khan is a traitor to the country and he will now proceed legally. And he will die only by ousting Imran from power.

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