LMA organizes program to discuss how best to live ones 2nd innings

Lucknow: Lucknow Management Association organized a Highly Need Based & Unique Program For Senior Citizen Couples on how To Play 2ND Innings of Life With Satisfaction and Happiness.

Nirmal Kumar Founder of Gyan Ganga at the age of 93 set an example to all Senior Citizens.

He proved that we are not old; we are Gold and Mouldable also.

He spoke about how to remain physically fit, Mentally Alert, Socially Serving and Spiritually Growing. One more Mentor  Gyan Pandey  shared that with growing age, older persons experience various anatomical and physiological changes.

These changes bring many physical, psychological, behavioral and attitudinal changes in them that give rise to socio-economic problems. Specifically, senior citizens broadly face major problems such as loneliness, abuse, health care, income, abundant and transport security etc.

These problems are interlinked or inter- dependent. For example, a financially secure senior citizen may arrange better health care. Even with state-of-mind dysfunctions, financial capacity can buy options to rejuvenate and refresh a financially-capable senior citizen.

Loneliness affects health, while good health helps counter loneliness. There are many ways through which every senior wan live a happy life in old age also by Prioritizing Family And Friends, Keep smiling, Discover new Interests, Go outside every day, Stay Healthy and more imp is to give back to the community. Many senior citizens participated with full enthusiasm and energy.

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