LU VC urges full cooperation from institutions ahead of the Indian Science Congress

Lucknow: In the brainstorming room of Lucknow University,  Vice Chancellor Professor Alok Kumar Rai, several institutions including Amity University, Lucknow; Integral University, Lucknow; Shri Ramswaroop University, Lucknow; IRA University, Lucknow held a meeting in the presence of Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor, Registrar and Directors of Babu Banarsi Das University, Lucknow and Maharishi University, Lucknow. The purpose of this meeting was regarding the implementation of the new education policy and participation in the Indian Science Congress session to be held in January and the arrival of the Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu in a program of Political Science, Lucknow University on 20th May.

Some university registrars told that they have implemented the syllabus as per the new education policy in humanities, social science and science subjects and some told that they are in the process of implementing it. After this, on the advice of the Vice-Chancellor, everyone encouraged their students and teachers to participate in the session of the Indian Science Congress and whatever universities want to cooperate in this session from their level, whether they are guest. Be it in the form of a house, be it in the form of a hostel or be it in the form of a means of transport, definitely cooperate. The representatives of these different universities said that the detailed outline should be sent to us and we will provide our best cooperation to Lucknow University.

After this,  the Vice-Chancellor held a meeting  with about 40 invited principals of affiliated colleges and government colleges of 5 districts of Lucknow University. In this meeting, the Vice-Chancellor asked all the principals to participate in the Indian Science Congress session at their own level. The Vice-Chancellor also said that if they wish, they can also propose to themselves or their teachers that if they wish, they can also make arrangements to accommodate some of the participants coming to this convention at their homes as per their wish.  Due to which the participants coming from outside will also be familiar with our culture and the culture of brotherhood will also be promoted in the country.

Apart from this, those who want to cooperate in the guest houses, hostels and means of transport of the colleges must cooperate, the university is also making proper efforts from its level. This message should go to the participants coming from outside that this event is not only of Lucknow University but of the entire Lucknow city.

After this, the Vice-Chancellor told all the principals that they should try to complete the syllabus at their own level, so that the exams are held on time and the results are out on time and the classes for the upcoming session can be conducted on time. He also said that the college must submit the academic audit report. On the request of the principals of some colleges, the Vice-Chancellor directed the Director IQAC for NAAC preparation and API for promotion to organize a workshop for college teachers to educate the college teachers about NAAC preparation and API.

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