Lucknow immortalizes VHP leader Ashok Singhal

Lucknow: In a program organized by Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia, in the presence of General Secretary of Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra, Champat Rai, the name of the Burlington Chauraha was changed to Ashok Singhal Square.

At CMS Gomti Nagar Extension, a program has been organized on the eve of the 96th birth anniversary of Hindutva angel Yugpurush revered Ashok Singhal. The exhibition of the compilation picture was started with Jai Shri Ram, Jai Ghosh by honorable Champat Rai after breaking the coconut and duly worshiping it. The roads coming around CMS Gomti Nagar are looking saffron, it seems that on the birth anniversary of Ashok Singhal, according to his statement “I went this and this came” he has come to fulfill his work dedicated to the service of the nation. The slogan of “Jai Shri Ram is being raised repeatedly by the people” and the slogan “We will build the temple there” is being repeated.

In the remembrance and salutation program of revered Ashok Singhal, a motion picture film based on the life journey of revered Ashok Singhal, presented by Bhajan Sandhya “Ekal Parivar”, was shared with the huge crowd present. The slogan of Jai Shri Ram continued to be heard by the masses.

The lamp was lit by the guests present on the stage, along with mementoes, the biographical booklet of revered Ashok Singhal was also presented to the guests present on the stage. 26 different organizations have participated in the program.

In it, Bande Mataram song was beautifully presented by Sanskar Bharati. The program was presided over by Param Pujya Paramatma Nand Saraswati Maharaj, Convener and General Secretary, Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, Founder Arsh Vidya Mandir Rajkot, Gujarat and Keynote Speaker Ma Champat Rai General Secretary Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra, Chief The program started in the grand presence of guest Dr. Krishna Gopal cum Sarkaryavah, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, special guest Vishwa Hindu Parishad guide Dinesh, senior campaigner Vireshwar and Keshav Prasad Maurya, Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Dr. Krishna Gopal, Saha Sarkaryavah of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh said that Ashok Singhal had done the work of giving leadership to the mighty power of Hindus. He said that after the issue of Ram temple came up, 100 crore Hindu society of India stood with the Ram Mandir movement. At that time, Ashok Singhal was the power behind the work of uniting Hindu society to speak in one voice and awaken self-respect. In the CMS auditorium of Sah Sarkaryavah Gomtinagar Extension, the self. Ashok Singhal was addressing a program organized on the eve of his birth anniversary.

Dr. Krishna Gopal said that the Hindu society of India had never seen a barbaric attack like Muslim invaders. Before this, the Greeks, Sakas, Huns, Kushans came to India. They attacked, the army of the kings of India fought with them, they won but our monasteries were not demolished, libraries were not set on fire. He further mixed in the religious flow of India.

Saha Sarkaryavah said that Islam came to India with barbaric invaders. Muslim invaders destroyed temples. Hindu society used to see the destruction of temples time and again. No one could break the morale of the Hindu society even after the temple was broken repeatedly.

Saha Sarkaryavah said that the temple of Mathura was broken four times, the temple of Somnath was demolished four times and the temple of Kashi Vishwanath was demolished several times but no one could break the morale of the Hindu society. After the arrival of the British, the Hindu society became peaceful. How to wash the insult of Hindu society, then the issue of Ram temple came to the fore.

Dr. Krishna Gopal said that no power in the world can give instructions to the Hindu society. Hindu society believes in the direction of spiritual power only. Ashok Singhal ji had a deep influence on the subconscious mind of the saints with the method of life conduct. Hindu society neither bows down nor is afraid of any X.

Champat Rai, Vice President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and General Secretary of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, said that Ashok Singhal was born only for the work of the nation, despite his all-round fame, he was an idol of humility. He had the height of fearlessness.

The seeds of political ambition were not in him at all. He considered everyone as his own. Ashok Singhal met Mulayam Singh even after firing on kar sevaks in Ayodhya.

Champat Rai said how the country will be transformed. He was always worried about this. In 2012, he had told that the BJP would get more than three hundred seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. His memory power was amazing, he sang a song a few days before leaving the body, when we asked when did you remember, he told that he had memorized it in 1964. He used to call the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes religious warriors. Today everyone is accepting his words.

Dinesh ji, patron of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, said that Ashok Singhal was the leader of Hindutva awakening. He was a multi-faceted personality. He did the work of taking the topic of Hindutva to the masses.

He said that the common man of the society, he had pain in his heart for the person. Ekal Vidyalaya is like the brahmastra we have today. Harikatha Satsang All this work started with his inspiration.

Dinesh ji said that Ashok Singhal has a great contribution behind the results of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. In the year 2013, at the Kumbh of Prayagraj, he had announced the name of Narendra Modi from the platform of saints and saints.

Presiding over the program, Swami Paramatmanand Maharaj said that due to the daily conduct of revered Ashok Singhal ji, the determination and loyalty was amazing, as a result of this, he used to fulfill the goals he used to take. Swami ji said that I am sad that Singhal ji could not see the grand Ram temple being built, if he could see, he would have been immensely happy, his penance for Hindutva would be remembered for ages. His life for Hindutva Been dedicated. He was an age sage. Senior journalist Narendra Bhadauria conducted the program. Program coordinator Prashant Bhatia ji while expressing new gratitude said that all of us will continue to work for Hindutva by taking inspiration from his life.

Among the distinguished dignitaries, there was a dignified presence of Kshetra Pracharak Shriman Anil ji Avadh Province Pracharak Shriman Kaushal ji cum Province Pracharak Shriman Manoj ji cum Kshetra Sanghchalak Ram Kumar ji, Vishwa Hindu Parishad Organization Minister, Hon’ble Gajendra ji, Province Organization Minister Rajendra ji, Prashant Bhatia.

The revered Ashok Singhal ji was remembered in emotional moments by the speakers, the historical works done by him will be remembered for ages.

The unprecedented work capacity of Shri Ashok Singhal ji was saluted by all the various organizations and Ram Bhakt workers, while welcoming the program, Lucknow Mayor Smt. Is. Today we all have the good fortune that on the first day of Navratri, the name of Burlington Square was changed in the name of revered Ashok Singhal ji, it was a symbol of British slavery, which was named after the Jannayak of Ram Janmabhoomi Jan Andolan. Convenor Prashant Bhatia ji said that to take the golden works of Ashok Singhal ji to the people, a program was organized on his 96th birth anniversary. Various organizations were present in the program like Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Laghu Udyog Bharti, Sanskar Bharti, single family, Ravindra Singh Chauhan from Gayatri family, Shri Krishna Bhavnani from Hari Om Mandir, Nanak Chand Lakhmani from Ji Sant Asudaram Ashram, ISKCON temple, Arya Samaj Worship Earners Sangh Yugpurush Ashok Singhal Ji Service Committee, Advocates Council, Bajrang Dal, Kabir Math, Jain Samaj, Sikh Society, Radha Devi Ji from Brahma Kumari, Lok Bharati, National Organization Minister Brijendra Pal Singh, Shri Ram Khelavan from Ravidas Math, Khatik Samaj Shri Atul ji from Kripal Ashram, Manmohan Singh Bhatia ji from Kripal Ashram, Shri Vishal Jain from Mandir, Vinay Jain, Dinesh Jain from Ashiana Jain Samaj, Brijesh Jain, Art of Living Preeti Jaiswal, Satpal Singh Meet from Sikh Samaj, Rajendra Singh Bagga, revered In the concluding session of the program, Kalyan Singh Memorial Trust etc. were participants, the grand program concluded with the collective national anthem. Active members present in the program are Mr. Abhinav Bhargava, Apoorva Bhargava, Mr. Vimal Kumar Srivastava (Government Advocate), Mr. Praveen Tripathi, Mr. Uday Bhan Singh, Captain Subhash Ojha, Ajay Agnihotri Councilor Kaushalendra Dwivedi, Upadhyay Pradeep Shukla, Regional Treasurer of Mahila Morcha Reshu. Bhatia Lucknow, Prashant Tripathi and workers of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh of Eastern Region were present.

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