Lucknow Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia presides over Woman Councillors Meetup on Women’s Day

Lucknow: A special woman councillors meetup was organized on the occasion of International Women’s Day in the gracious presence of Lucknow Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia. Women councillors participated in the event in larger numbers.

The women’s assembly saw th basic demands of wmen being raised vociferously. The day saw problems releated to problems related to women being raised in the house and some also being summoned for problems related to the ward.

Women councilors of all parties praised the Mayor for convening the Mahila Sadan. As soon as the House started, the women councilors of all the parties thanked the Mayor for calling the Mahila Sadan for the first time. The councillors were thanked by the Mayor by offering them an Angvasthram, Mala and bouquets along with words of praise. Municipal Commissioner Ajay Kumar Dwivedi and Additional Municipal Commissioner Archana Dwivedi were also honored.

A decision meanwhile has been taken to create a women’s market to sell goods needed for women, women entrepreneurs and generate employment.

Councilor Rupali Gupta proposed a women’s market in Mahila Sadan, a women’s market will be set up in Lucknow to make women self-sufficient in the women’s market, provide them employment, provide everything related to women at one place, in which only women items will be sold by women vendors while dedicating them to women.

This will provide employment to a large number of business women, as well as it will prove to be a milestone in the direction of women self-reliance.

In addition to the availability of useful commodities of women in the women’s market, Lucknow women will also get the convenience, by being women sellers. Women buyers will also get a strong sense of security, so that they will be able to shop in the women’s market with complete freedom. The Mayor said that work will be done by arranging the budget in this regard.

Apart from this, Rupali Gupta made a proposal to compulsorily construct women restrooms in all the complexes, and to approve the map of the complex only when there is a female toilet, on which the Mayor sent a letter to the LDA VC assuring them to take necessary action.

Councillor Khushboo Rakhi Mishra said that chaotic elements come in the parks of the ward, due to which the women have to face troubles, they proposed to put guards for the women in the parks.

Khushboo Rakhi Mishra told the House that the people who are collecting garbage from the private hand throw garbage in the open on the road, for this she wants to run a pilot project to collect garbage by making poles of jute bags by poor women, so that the poor can be provided employmen, the Mayor and Municipal Commissioner said that every possible assistance will be made for this.

The women councillors asked questions on EESL not fixing the lights, to which the Municipal Commissioner said that the strike is over, where the complaint is coming, the lights are being fixed.

Councilor Kumkum Rajput expressed displeasure over the gathering of male councilors in the women’s chamber of the municipal corporation, saying that women councilors do not go there in the women’s room, the male councilors are sitting and they do not even get the chair, plus women in the women’s room. So a lady guard should be deployed in the women’s room.

Councilor Kumkum Rajput, while presenting a proposal for naming the park, road or road in the name of Jijabai, said that  Jijabai had contributed in making Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of Hindu Swaraj.

On the request of Councilor Karuna Prasad, the Mayor announced to give women sweepers half an hour’s exemption on duty in the morning, women sweepers now in summer instead of 6 and 6:30 in winter will come to work at 7:30 instead.

Councilor Rekha Roshni thanked the Mayor for invoking the Mahila Sadan, starting with the Sanskrit sloka “Yatra Narayastu Pujyante …”, she proposed a 50% discount in parking fee to the women. And demanded to make pink toilet in the markets. On which the Mayor informed that 86 pink toilets are being made for women at various places, which is available free of cost to women.

Streets meanwhile will be named after Indian adventurers and women freedom fighters. Others to witness the same trend will be  crossroads and parks of the city.

Councilor Neha Saurabh Singh said in the House that India’s history of freedom struggle is full of women fighters and women bravehearts. The contribution of women fighters and women in the freedom struggle cannot be forgotten in history. Please name various routes and intersections under the Lucknow Municipal Corporation in the name of India’s freedom fighters and women bravehearts. The Mayor said that this is a good proposal so that our coming generation will get to know about the women heroes and freedom fighters.

Neha Saurabh Singh also proposed to install sanitary napkin pad machines and incinerators in the city’s parks, markets, pink toilets, municipal schools and establishments, to which the Mayor said that she has been working for this for the last 3 years, in many places It has also been launched.

Councilor Neha Saurabh Singh said that just as cricket is being organized for male councilors, similarly chess, carrom etc. games should be organized for woman councilors.

Councilor Poonam Mishra said that in each zone office of the Municipal Corporation, there should be a separate woman help desk for women complainants and separate seating for women, on which the Mayor asked the Municipal Commissioner to build women help desks in all the zones separately, for women toilets.

Councillor Poonam Mishra requested the Mayor to install cameras in the markets for the protection of women, to which the Mayor said that under the Safe City Project of Honorable Chief Minister, cameras are being installed in various markets which are state of the art in controlling crimes against women.

Councillor Veena Rawat proposed that we often see that in this male-dominated society, women are given a secondary status in the house and land, due to which their share in the property is becoming less and less. In order to improve the condition of women, a 5% exemption should be given in the house tax being taken by the Municipal Corporation to those houses whose registry is in the name of women. On which the Mayor said that this proposal is good, it will make efforts to improve the status of women, this proposal will be passed by bringing it to the general executive meeting.

SP Woman Councilor Charanjit Gandhi also supported the proposals to provide exemption in parking fee to women, toilets and baby feeding centers in parks and 5% rebate in house tax and water tax if there is a registry in the name of women.

Councilor Hema Sanwal said that morning and evening walking is done by a large number of women in the morning and evening in various big parks of Lucknow, as well as a large number of women in the markets also accompany small children. Hence, in such big parks where morning walk and evening walk is done by women and in the markets also, separate urinal and baby feeding centers should be set up for women.

Councilor Hema Sanwal told the mayor that small and big girls can be seen begging at the intersections of Lucknow, this is the future of our coming tomorrow, the Municipal Corporation should make free arrangements for studying in the corporation’s schools, Municipal Corporation should be proviing them a shelter place, on which the Mayor said that a campaign will be made to make Lucknow beggar-free.

Notably women got the opportunity to sit on the first seat for the first time, the BJP women’s councilor was led by Sunita Singhal, the SP councilor was led by Charanjit Gandhi, the councilor was led by Congress’ Mamta Chaudhary.

The Mayor said that I often used to tell women councillors that they do not get the opportunity to speak, so I called the thematic Mahila Sadan, taking inspiration from the Mission Shakti Abhiyan of Honorable Chief Honorable Yogi Adityanath and I think this was a successful house where the women and the opposition unilaterally put forward the issues related to the women and put proposals related to the women. I congratulate all the women councilors for running a thematic and good house.

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