Lucknow Metro Successfully Conducts Mock Drill on Fire Safety

Lucknow: The Lucknow Metro on 06 September night conducted a mock drill on fire safety. 50 officials from UPMRC participated in this mock drill. The security, operations and civil department participated in this mock drill. The fire safety drill started at 10:57 PM and ended at 11:02 PM.

The fire was extinguished using water and carbon dioxide type extinguisher. The second mock drill started at 11:03 PM and was concluded at 11:06 PM.

The in-house mock drill started with a fire breaking out within the premises of the Charbagh Metro Station. This incident triggered the emergency and fire alarms installed in the station. The station controllers, maintainers, house-keeping staff and security officials were alerted. The force deployed at the Charbagh station was mobilized and fire was quickly extinguished within a few minutes.

This fire safety preparedness exercise was successfully conducted. It was concluded that in case of any mishap, the metro stations of Lucknow Metro are capable enough to counter any situation. All the metro stations are very well equipped with water tanks, fire alarms, emergency alarms and well trained staff which can manage the crisis within a few man hours.

On the successful conduct of the mock drill, Sushil Kumar, MD UPMRC said that ‘’Safety, Security and Comfort are the notch priorities of UPMRC. This successful conduct of the mock drill proves that our staff is well trained and infrastructure of metro stations is well equipped to counter any crisis. I am proud of UPMRC team which has left no stone unturned in making infrastructure of Lucknow Metro smart, safe and secure. The metro stations and trains in Kanpur are also well equipped with the world class safety features. We will instill are best endeavors to maintain these safety parameters in our upcoming metro projects. UPMRC will keep on conducting these mock drills in future too. These mock drills help us to track the positives and negatives of safety mechanisms. They are testimony to our claims which tells us where we stand in terms of safety standards”.

“Recently, there was fire incident at Hotel Levana and Lucknow Metro supplied 5000 liters of water from KD Singh Babu Stadium and helped fire tenders in neutralizing the crises. The fire was successfully extinguished. In the past too, Lucknow Metro provided water supply through its metro stations and trains and managed the crises very well. All these incidents show that our infrastructure is advance and well equipped to counter any situation”.

What makes Lucknow Metro Safe?

The elevated metro stations of Lucknow Metro have 1,00,000 liters of capacity tank extinguish fire. The underground metro stations are equipped with 2,00,000 liters of capacity tank to counter any situation.
The metro stations are installed with fire pumps, fire hydrant points, fire alarm system, gas flooding system, fire extinguishers, fire hydrant lines, fine water spray system and emergency alarm system. In order to avoid any malfunction of these systems, we keep on monitoring and testing them during regular intervals. The metro rail coaches are connected with the CCTVs and its consolidated communication screen is visible to the train operator. All the metro train coaches are installed with P.A system through which important messages are conveyed to the passengers.

Additionally, not only the stations and coaches but train tunnels are also fire safe. The tunnels are protected by ‘Linear Heat Detention System’ which instantly detects the fire and alerts the officials deputed at the metro stations. During emergencies, special provisions have been made to maintain the continuous flow of electricity by attaching every station with the D.G. sets and transformers. The emergency exit points, exit lights, stair case, fire stair case and escape routes have been developed to provide safe passage to the passengers during crises. The A.F.C gates are installed with real time monitoring algorithm which ensures automated opening of the gates during any mishap.

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