Lucknow Municipal Corporation eyes decluttering the garbage mess

Lucknow: At last what was demanded in the city happened.  Now only the workers of the municipal corporation will contribute in keeping the city clean. This time the company did not work even a single bit and the city commissioner has also accepted the demand of the people of the city regardless of any pressure.

The cleanliness system in the city has collapsed for the last three months. Sometimes the company’s vehicles are said to be faulty and sometimes the workers do not come to pick up the garbage. People from different parts of the city have been meeting the Municipal Corporation and their only demand is that M/s Green Company should refuse to handle the cleaning system.

This time in a week, the councilors have also raised their voice against the Green Company. The reputation of the city has fallen in terms of pollution. In the national level survey, Lucknow fell behind by twenty points, while it was number one last year. Ever since the results of the survey have come, the Mayor and the Municipal Commissioner are quite angry with the behavior of the Ecogreen supporters and the company.

The city commissioner has now left the task of cleaning the city to his own employees.

During this time old garbage is also being removed. No legal notice has been given against the company, but those working on behalf of the corporation are not being stopped.

The workers who were earlier working on behalf of Ecogreen have now shifted to the corporation. Some workers are not working but in this hour of crisis, the Mayor is also standing with Municipal Commissioner Indrajit Singh. He has also agreed to retain 25 percent of the personnel who were reduced earlier. Till now Ecogreen was earning very cleverly by investing the corporation’s money, that is, the corporation’s vehicles, its own employees and the work was also much less than at present.

Now the work which is being done through the corporation, the worker will be paid salary through the corporation only. The corporation has also procured a new hand operated vehicle.

The Chhota haathi is already with the corporation. JCB and Haiwa are also available in sufficient quantity. There are some people who are trying to take advantage of the opportunity, that is, they want that Ecogreen should be rejected outright and they should be given the contract for the work. This is the reason that the municipal officials asked several transport companies to rent vehicles, but they refused.

There are such companies too, who are dragging their time by saying that if the Municipal Corporation does not have its own arrangements, the city will be full of garbage.

Strict steps are being taken

The controversy over garbage collection is not new, that is why the Mayor put the corporation officials in the dock just two days ago. Now the entire matter will also be investigated. The funny thing is that the money belonged to the corporation but was paid to the company that did not do the work, while the work was done by some other company. Not one but three companies are named in this dispute. These include Shahi Enterprises, Ecogreen and Goodluck. Mayor Sushma Kharkwal also wants to equip the Municipal Corporation with vehicles.

The corporation has about 40 trucks. Even if this garbage is collected, it will not be enough because except in 88 villages, about 200 rounds of garbage is generated in the city every day. Even if 40 trucks are deployed to take it to Shivri plant, it will not be possible to lift the entire garbage due to jam and narrow road. Now Ecogreen may have to face legal maneuvers due to being isolated, but the Municipal Commissioner and Councilors have unanimously called this company a Tata Boy-Boy, that is, now the garbage will not be collected from this company.

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