Lucknow now home to Asia’s first Pathogen Reduction Machine

Lucknow: Asia’s First Pathogen Reduction Machine in KGMU Lucknow has been launched. Patients will now get hi-tech facility of blood test at King George Medical University, Lucknow. The UP government has installed Asia’s first Pathogen Reduction Machine in KGMU Lucknow’s Brown Hall. It was inaugurated by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. He was accompanied by Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak, Minister of State Mayankeshwar Sharan and Professor Bipin Puri, Vice Chancellor of King George’s Medical University.

With this machine installed in the blood bank of King George’s Medical University, it will be very easy to identify bacteria, virus or any kind of pathogen in the blood. Meaning, through this machine, now you will get information about the danger in every drop of blood. This machine of advanced technology is not yet available in any hospital or medical institution in Asia. Its operation will benefit people across the country. Along with this machine, the Department of Thoracic Surgery and Vascular Surgery has also been started in KGMU on Thursday.

Blood transfusions are needed in procedures ranging from surgery to delivery and transplant. Blood transfusion is always done after all the necessary blood tests are done. But despite this, some impurities remain in the blood, due to which reactions or side effects can be seen in the blood transfused, because many types of pathogens are present in the blood. In such a situation, it is very important to provide completely pure blood. To remove these impurities, a pathogen reduction machine has been installed in the blood bank of KGMU.

The needy patients coming to the Transfusion Medicine Department of KGMU will now get more pure blood than before. Here, the operation of pathogen reduction machine with the latest technology used in blood banks of America and Europe has started. This is the first advance machine of its kind to be installed in any blood bank in Asia. With its help, harmful pathogens found in the blood can be removed. Transplant patients will get maximum benefit from this.

To remove the pathogen present in the blood, pathogen reduction kit comes, which is installed in this machine, which will remove all the pathogens and purify the blood completely. In such a situation, the risk of reaction in the patient who will have blood transfusion will be almost negligible, due to which the success rate will increase further in the patient.

HOD of the Department of Transfusion Medicine Prof Tulika Chandra, the pathogen reduction machine has been installed for the first time in any country in Asia. The cost of which is around 50 lakh rupees. Apart from viruses, parasites or protozoa, etc. also live in the blood, so when this blood is transfused to a patient, they also reach their body, which can lead to many reactions.

Those who are transplant patients, their immunity is already weak. In such a situation, even a small infection is dangerous for them and this risk is highest at the time of transfusion. Due to which the chances of rejection till the transplant increase.

Pathogens are called those due to which many types of diseases spread. This includes viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, etc. These micro-organisms can make anyone sick and can also penetrate the body’s immune system. It is very important to protect them.

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